Smallville: Episode 8.15 "Infamous" Recap

by Xingbiao zhou
  It's been a long time since we've had new Smallville, so tonight the show returned with a bang thanks to special guest star Tori Spelling returning as tabloid reporter Linda Lake. The last time we saw the show, Davis was still incubating at the Fortress of Solitude, Lana left again and Lex Luthor "died" again. It's a wet day in Metropolis and Lois is furious that Clark forgot to pick her up at the airport. Tom Welling looks totally different with wet hair and it really works for him. Smallville needs more scenes of Clark stuck in the rain or coming out of a shower. After Lois (Erica Durance) leaves, the fabulous Linda Lake shows up, forming out of a puddle. Clearly she's spent her time away working on her bad watery puns because they come pouring out of her mouth. She wants back in the journalism game by teaming up with Clark, who she knows is the Red Blue Blur. She blackmails him to give her the scoop on everything he does as the Red Blue Blur or else she'll publish Clark's entire story, the tale of “little orphan alien.” Linda's awkward dialogue is bad enough, but Tori Spelling's “acting” certainly isn't helping matters. Still, it's one of those “so bad it's good” performances. Clark retires to the barn to complain about Linda's return to Chloe (Allison Mack). While Chloe wants to kick some watery butt, Clark decides the best strategy is to just come out of the closet to the entire world. Chloe isn't sure people will accept him, but he still wants to do it so he can be himself. He goes to the Daily Planet and makes up with Lois by asking her to write his story. He tells her that he's the Red Blue Blur, and she just laughs. I probably would, simply because if you say “Red Blue Blur” 10 times fast, it starts to sound really ridiculous. After some bickering, he proves it by lifting up an entire desk with one hand. Lois is feeling a mix of wonder and shock, emotions made more complex when he tells her that Chloe and Lana have known for years. He lists off some of his powers, but she's concerned about the ability to see through solid objects. She doesn't know how she missed it, wondering if she's been high this whole time. If so, that's a show I wish we'd been watching. She writes a huge front page story about Clark being an alien from Krypton and the next day, everyone on the street cheers for him. Linda Lake shows up to express her anger that Clark beat her to the punch, but she vows to have the last laugh. She goes to her editor and asks him to run her story, and in the process she delivers perhaps the most extraordinarily brilliant and awful line ever: “My blog had more hits than the Chicago mob.” Things get bad fast as the paparazzi storm the Kent farm. Chloe makes her way in while Clark is on the phone with his mom, who was removed from her Senate seat thanks to his revelation. Aww, Mama Kent is still around. Linda Lake holds a press conference claiming that Clark is responsible for mass destruction and the meteor. showers, and that he’s just the first wave of a full-on alien invasion that was almost stopped by a real hero, Lex Luthor. Clark tries to address these claims by talking to the cops, but they take Linda’s side for no real reason and attack him when he refuses to undergo testing. He finds Chloe and tells her to run. She wants to undo what happened, and his only solution is the Legion’s time travel ring Lois reads Linda’s smear article and responds with a hilarious “Hell no.” She tries to find Tess Mercer to ask her to print a retraction, but the cops are there and try to arrest her. Clark speeds in to save her and brings her back to the barn to use the magic time traveling ring. Unfortunately, Linda overheard Clark and Chloe talking about it, so she’s there with Kryptonite and the Legion Ring. She’s excited to use the ring to go back in time and get scoops before any other reporter. That’s a pretty lame use of a time travel ring. At the hospital, Davis Bloom is back, so I guess the transformation isn’t permanent. He’s secretly digging through the pharmacy, taking as many anti-psychotics as he can. He bumps into Chloe, who is trying to get Jimmy a room, though the paparazzi are making it difficult for the husband of the alien’s best friend. When Davis learns about Clark’s Kryptonian background, he’s intrigued. That night, Davis is a wreck and rushes over to Chloe’s place to tell her that he can’t control his inner desire to kill the other Kryptonian, because he’s Doomsday. She tries to run away as Davis undergoes his change, but it’s too late and Doomsday returns to attack Chloe. First she gets a text message to Lois, who is busy knocking down Linda to save the day. With Linda finished, Clark takes back the ring and puts it on. Lois screams out that “Davis is...,” but then Clark turns the ring and travels back two days into the past. If only he’d waited one more second. Two days earlier, Clark goes to Linda Lake and uses some electricity to stop her from ever revealing his secret. This time around, he remembers to pick up Lois at the airport and the two agree to possibly have a conversation about their almost kiss at Chloe’s wedding. He of course tells Chloe all about his adventure, and he mentions that he destroyed the Legion Ring. Chloe wonders what he changed by using the ring, which of course leads back to Davis. At the hospital, Davis gets called into a room where Linda Lake is tied up. She knows his secret and wants him to turn into Doomsday to release her. Unfortunately for her, that’s just what happens and Davis is taken over and smothers Linda to death with a pillow. Later Lois waits for Clark to pay her a visit so they can talk about their relationship status, but he stands her up because he can’t let her get to close, otherwise she might find out his secret and be in danger.

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