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Hello From Cathy Romine - Alabama USA, I'm A 50 Year Old Grandmother Who Has Always Believed in Herbal Products.  When I Discovered SeaAloe And Super Fruits GT - I NO LONGER Take Those Pills - Research These Products They Are Simply The Best I Have Ever Used...Super Fruits GT Hands Down Is The Absolute Best - Twice The ORAC Scale Of Leading Higher Priced - A Full 32 oz - Complete 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.  Plus You Have Found The Marketing Team To Join With If Your Looking For A Work From Home Business - We Dominate Search Engine Advertising And Have The Resources To Help You Achieve Your Dreams.  Contact Me If Your Interested In Getting Your Own "World Optimized Splash Page System - Get Top Search Positions In Searches For Your Products In Every City- Every State, USA"


Stress - Economy Turmoil - Health Issues -Our Brand New Super Fruit, Super Fruits GT,  Could Be Your Answer - I Sell Super Fruits and SeaAloe - I Use An Optimized World Splash Page System - First Of Its Kind To Get Top Search Engine Positions For Building My Business.  This System Available To All Old And New Super Fruit and SeaAloe Distributors...For Business Owners If Your Interested In Getting Your Business Listed In Every City - Every State In The USA - In Top Search Engine Positions Contact Me. This System Is Going To Be The Envy Of SEO Experts Worldwide. We Are already listed on First Page and in many cases First Place Search Results With The System For Every Product We Have Designed One For.

If your not a business owner and looking for a work from home opportunity - Join the Number one markteting team and let us help you achieve your dreams with healthy products you can be proud to sell both on and off the internet.  If you own a business and would like advertising assistance in Getting Your Business Listed In Top Searches - Simply Order Your Products From My Link Below - Contact Me And I Will Go To Work Getting You Listed On The First Page Of Your Search Term...Heres One Small Example -
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Herb shops Athens alabama, herb shops huntsville alabama - MORE...Yes I can get you listed - Contact Me.  In The Meantime Research Super Fruits GT and SeaAloe.  Find Out Why Ours Is The One You Should Purchase...I Am Cathy Romine - SeaAloe Alabama - Alabama Internet Income - home business networking - More Than I can list - In most cases I not only get listed on the first page of my product searches I dominate or knock the competition entirely off the front page search results...
Super Fruits |Super Fruit | Buy Super Fruit | Buy Super Fruits | Alabama Resveratrol - Green Tea - Acai Berry - Wolfberry - Mangosteen - Pomegranate - Blueberries - White Grapes - Peaches - Pears |

Resveratrol - Green Tea - Acai Berry - Wolfberry
Mangosteen - Pomegranate - Blueberries -
White Grapes - Peaches - Pears


HERE's to living life to the fullest!

SUPER FRUITS Resveratrol - Green Tea - Acai Berry - Wolfberry Mangosteen - Pomegranate - Blueberries - White Grapes - Peaches - Pears

SUPER FRUITS Resveratrol - Green Tea - Acai Berry - Wolfberry Mangosteen - Pomegranate - Blueberries - White Grapes - Peaches - Pears ORAC

What is ORAC?

Oxygen Radical AbsorbencyCapacity, more commonly known as ORAC, is the measurement of antioxidant capacity in foods. Antioxidants play an important role in combating unpaired electron molecules commonly referred to as Free Radicals, which can damage cells. With increased levels of pollution, toxins, and life's daily stresses, your body will benefit from additional sources of antioxidants. Taking antioxidant supplements with high ORAC scores is the best and most economical solution.

Why do I need to know about Superfruits GT's ORAC value?

Superfruits GT significantly outscores most of the antioxidant supplements in ORAC score and value. The ORACscore of Superfruits GT is often double (or MORE) the score of other higher priced competing products. Additionally, many popular antioxidant supplements are sold in 25 fluid ounce bottles. Superfruits GT comes in 32 fluid ounce bottles – 28% more for your money. Superfruits GT delivers more antioxidant power at a better value.

How many ‘Antioxidants' do I need?

Antioxidants have been studied by many scientists, and the USDA has published a list of foods and their relative ORACvalues. A recent study at Tufts University in Boston, by the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, conducted a series of tests concluding that consuming between 3500-5000 ORAC units a day showed a “significant impact on plasma and tissue antioxidant capacity (Tufts University, 2008).”

SUPER FRUITS Resveratrol - Green Tea - Acai Berry - Wolfberry Mangosteen - Pomegranate - Blueberries - White Grapes - Peaches - Pears
SUPER FRUITS Resveratrol - Green Tea - Acai Berry - Wolfberry Mangosteen - Pomegranate - Blueberries - White Grapes - Peaches - Pears

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SeaAloe - Over 80 Vitamins And Minerals
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We hope you try this Super Fruits Products..
We know you'll simply "LOVE IT"

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Alabama Brand New Super Fruit - Super Fruits GT - Cathy Romine

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 We design a splash page system for all your company's representatives, distributors, affiliates.  Simple Process - you put up one of our search engine marketing systems (your cost 25% of the set up fee $2,000. or 25% = $500.) when we get the system up you the business owner Earn and or if your a top notch marketer get approval from your company so you and your sponsor sell these optimized splash page's to all your distributors selling your product (or we can do this for any product) once you get your splash page sales for one or more products to 100,000 rented splash pages your income will be $373,750 - If your the top distributor after approval from the company you sell for, you split this with that business owner -  $186,875. per month for you, and $186,875 for your sponsor each month. 

Company's selling the tool in the network marketing industry are the ones earning income. This system helps you build your own business plus earn off selling the tools to others that wish to get search engines position.

You as the business owner or you and your sponsor in any company you choose to promote will split 25% of the monthly rental fee of $14.95 or $3.74 per month per account.  During the next few months for testing period our prices will be set at a low $14.95 per month per city, after our testing period is complete,  prices we are predicting will go to the industry standard of $24.95.

This may not sound like alot until you add up several thousand accounts. As stated above if you could build a base of 100,000 sites even if it took several products to rent 100,000 splash pages your income would be 50% of $373,750. per month or 100% as the sole owner of your portal.

There are some companies out their renting out junk sites that do not get indexed in search engines that have 300,000 to 400,000 sites rented out. This is well within your reach if you are interested in changing your mind set from product sales to tool sales...

In addition to putting up a national portal for the products of your choice we will also put up a national portal in linked into the product portal (s) you and your partners put up.

This is a simple project it requires a company approved website be constructed and once approved we will optimize it and put up a page in every city in the United States. This can be expanded worldwide as well.

We will only invest this kind of development monies on people who are proven professional network marketers or the company's themselves to help their distributors build their business in their city or city's of choice with your company product which you as a company receive monies for these rentals as well as advertising for your products and much happier representatives, distributors.

We can default each state to one or the other of you so all links in each state's city pages go to your account or your sponsors account.

This is simple and uncomplicated, people are always trying to complicate things. We build sites that distributors can rent on a per month basis and get listed in search engines mainly Google!

Examples of what our system can do for your business with the added benefit of income:

We have constructed test sites currently under construction and already dominating first page and in many cases first place search results.

So in conclusion to this proposal - YellowPages, SuperPages and other advertising directorys - your affiliates, distributors pay for advertising to help sell your products - This advertises those company's and your ad's are thrown in the mix with your competition.  Our system usually cheaper priced advertising than any other form of directory listings will not only build your affiliates in the search engines adding additional sales it will be an added source of revenue for your company.
For More Information Contact Cathy Romine -

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