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by Ali Azhar
The business opportunity enables you to make money on the Internet with NO investment, fees, or costs required whatsoever. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of Internet marketing or completely new to starting an Internet business, this opportunity is for you. All you need is a computer with Internet access and the willingness to work hard and achieve your financial goals!


You get all of the following when you join our Free Affiliate Program:

  • Free Membership - There is absolutely no cost to join our affiliate program! There are no hidden fees or membership costs to remain an affiliate either. We want to help you make money without having to spend your hard-earned savings on unnecessary expenses. We simply don't believe membership fees are fair to you!
  • Free Personal Website - We give you a personalized website that you can launch and promote immediatelyafter you join! Again, there is NO COST for your free website. Your professionally designed website even allows you to display your own logo if you wish!
  • Online Reporting and Sales Statistics- members have access to sales reports and statistics 24 hours a day. Simply login to your affiliate account and view order history reports, click-thru statistics, and more. Our reporting system was designed to give you the information you need to optimize your marketing strategies

How much do I get paid?
With, you get paid a one-time commission whenever you generate a qualifying sale. A qualifying sale is any sale that results in a shipped product or confirmed installation of a product. Additionally, for certain products such as contract-based cellular phones, you get paid an "override" commission whenever your direct sub-affiliates (those affiliates who have joined our program referred by you) make a qualifying sale. How much you are paid depends on the type of sale that is made. Please refer to the table below for our current commission rates:


Commission Rates:
Product Commission Rate
Individual post-paid phone activation (contract-based) $50 per shipped phone + 10% bonus if you reach 20 shipped phones in a given month!
2-Phone post-paid shared plan activation (contract-based) $60 per shipped shared plan (2 phones) + 10% bonus if you reach 20 shipped phones in a given month!
Add-a-Line (when a customer adds additional lines to a shared plan) $10 per shipped phone
Phone Upgrade/Contract Extension $10 per order maximum (regardless of # lines)
Disney Mobile, Ampd Mobile, Cingular GoPhone, T-Mobile ToGo, Virgin Mobile $7 per shipped phone
Q Score/SmartAccess phone (T-Mobile only) $10 per shipped phone
Wireless Accessories (sold separately through the Accessories page, not combined with phone sales) 15% of total amount
Ringtone/Mobile Game Subscription $5 per sale
Dish Network TV $75 per installation

 Bonus Details
You earn a 10% bonus when you sell 20 or more post-paid (contract based) cell phones in a given month. For example, say you ship 22 phones in September, your commission will be $50 * 22 + 10% bonus ($110) = $1210.00. Note that family plans with 2 lines count as 2 phones, so you could sell 10 family plans (2 phones each) and still get the bonus. Prepaid, no-contract, and QScore/SmartAccess phones do not apply. The bonus amount is calculated on the standard commission you earn on cell phones only (other non-cell phone products such as satellite tv, home alarms, etc are not included in the 10% calculation). Sub-affiliate sales do not count towards the bonus quota of 20 sales - only direct Tier-1 sales apply.


Override Commissions: (commission you earn on sub-affiliate sales)
Product Bonus Commission Rate
Wireless phone/plan (contract-based) $10 per shipped phone
2-Phone Family Plan (contract-based) $10 per shipped family plan (2 phones)
Phone Upgrade/Contract Extension None
Liberty Wireless None
Disney Mobile, Ampd Mobile, Cingular GoPhone, T-Mobile ToGo, Virgin Mobile None
Q Score/SmartAccess phone (T-Mobile only) None
Wireless Accessories None
Ringtone/Mobile Game Subscription None
Dish Network TV None


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