SelfBank Mobile: Leave Your Wallet At Home!

by Noel H. J. Allan-Hughes

SelfBank Mobile a Division of SelfBank Financial

Who is SBF?

SelfBank Financial Inc. is an integrated marketing services company that is primarily focused on Financial Intelligence. SBF gives its member's unrivalled opportunities to improve their lives through access to exclusive educational programs, consumer loyalty programs, self-banking services, new mobile payment technologies, and other entrepreneurial opportunities.

Our SelfBank Mobile division is a revolutionary approach to common banking and payment practices, a new era in financial intelligence, the world's first banking platform that is truly personal and social. It is the cutting edge of technology and SBF is the first to integrate your mobile phone, social networking, loyalty, and social entrepreneurship into a banking and payment platform.

Our SelfBank Rewards division is a consumer-based membership and loyalty program. It allows our participating members to create multi-channel venues for their clients and A.ffiliate marketing partners to generate incremental revenue and enjoy real benefits of an enhanced loyalty program. We provide memberships and programs to customers and/or businesses that can be customized and white labelled for fundraising, non-profit organizations and various other entrepreneurial programs. SBF aims to educate our members on how to turn their daily expenditures into cash-back savings through self-banking, new mobile payment technologies, and loyalty services with our various merchants.

SBF is a leader in the online A.ffiliate marketing and social networking industries. SBF has its very own social network distribution platform and application called Meet Franklin. Meet Franklin allows SBF to leverage the massive exposure of the Internet by creating an online social distribution channel, which appeals to the population by three main points of interest: personal growth, online social networking, and A.ffiliate marketing.

There are three major underlining themes present within the Meet Franklin Network: Wealth, Health and Kindness, which transmit one message, Prosperity.

Our Mission

SBF stands for SelfBank Financial Inc., and we are an organization focused on uniting responsible people in a common cause to create an ideal world of freedom, peace, prosperity, and happiness for all mankind. To be values based organization that empowers individuals with the relevant, proven tools and inspiration to align their daily lives with their fundamental values to reach their highest, personal potential.

It is SBF's mission to inspire all people to embrace accountability, become self-reliant, and begin basing all of their thoughts, decisions, and actions on timeless and universal principles of liberty and prosperity.

Core Products

SelfBank Mobile Account

The SelfBank Account is a revolutionary approach to common banking and payment practices, a new era in financial intelligence, the world's first banking platform that is truly personal and social. It is the cutting edge of technology and SBF is the first to integrate your mobile phone, social networking, loyalty, and social entrepreneurship into a banking and payment platform.

Transactions made from your SelfBank Account are in real-time and funds are transferred to and from your account instantaneously and securely. It's for people on the move. The SelfBank Account, with its enhanced patented digital security, authentication and processing features, enables banked and un-banked mobile phone users worldwide to conduct bill payments, mobile banking, person-to-person transfers (p2p) and make retail purchases with their cell phones.

The SelfBank Account is designed to integrate with credit cards, debit cards (interac), stored value cards and your current bank account for funding of mobile payments such as mobile banking, bill payment, m-Commerce and other payment related services.

It also integrates this into any Social Network platform, allowing you to leverage your FaceBook and MySpace, into your everyday banking and shopping activities. Meet Franklin, the world's first Social Network Application that seamlessly integrates your social and banking activities into one platform, is where you truly will have friends with benefits!

The SelfBank Account is hardware, cell phone and carrier independent featuring a user interface designed for use in real-time with a quick "point and pay" payment functionality. The SelfBank Account works on any cell phone regardless of the cell phone make or model or the consumer's current service providers, and supports both web enabled and SMS transactions.

There are approximately 2.5 billion mobile phone users worldwide, who already browse the Internet, check their email, and download games and music. The next logical step for a consumer is to shop and pay for goods and services using his or her cell phone. The SelfBank Account is a secure, easy to use payment system designed for today's consumers on the move. The SelfBank Account is multi-lingual, handles just about any currency and works with any mobile carrier. The account can also be linked a stored value card (SVC), Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or any merchant gift card that allows users to load funds into the account as well as withdraw money at an ATM.

Our Competitive Business Strategy:

1. We are the only all inclusive loyalty, payment acquiring (both mobile payments and credit/debit payments and issuing company that exist in the market place today (all from one source).

2. We are the first to create an E-Network Model (A.ffiliate) program/opportunity in the loyalty and transaction/payment industry.

3. We are leveraging the latest technologies and a unique online social network distribution model.

4. We are rolling out the first Merchant Network integrated with M-commerce, Social Media, loyalty marketing and transaction/payment industry.

5. We are utilizing the massive momentum of 4 major power trends to help grow our business. Social Media, Mobile banking/payments, Personal Development/Entrepreneurship, Loyalty Industry.

6. We are giving more kick backs on our loyalty program then any other program out there and have real benefits for all parties involved (customer, merchant, issuer).

7. We have an all-inclusive mobile banking and payment platform that is the only platform that works on any phone and it is the only mobile platform like it.

8. We are the only mobile banking and payment company that will have a large cross-continental (international) direct sales force behind it. Which is a 100 billion dollar vertical market that other vendors are not in.

9. We work with great people who have great values. Integrity is our #1 priority.

Product Differentials: 18 Reasons Why We Are #1 In Our Industry!!!

Contributing to the SelfBank Account's market positioning are the following major differentiators between the Self-Bank Account Mobile platform and other wireless payment systems emerging in the market today:

1) SelfBank Account can be linked to a credit, debit, stored value card or bank account for depositing, withdrawing and transferring funds.

2) SelfBank Account is independent of carrier, network, cell phone manufacturer, operating system and even works cross carriers.

3) Usage is possible on any Internet-enabled device, on the web and on kiosks.

4) Is a social networking application, the first and only one in the world!

5) Has a built-in (optional) Cash-Back Rewards program. Redeem anywhere between 1%-50% of your total expenditures.

6) World's first 'Cash Advance Rewards' program that pays people in advance to use product and promote product.

7) Integrates easily into a vendor's POS Terminal system, at both online and brick and mortar locations.

8) All transactions are done in real time, allowing consumers to send and receive money in real time and allowing merchants to receive payment INSTANTLY into their SelfBank Account, without having to wait like other payment platforms, like credit and debit cards.

9) 100% Charge Back proof- Zero Chargeback's!

10) Identity Theft Proof- No more copied or stolen debit and credit cards. Even if you lose your phone, there is no data on phone that will compromise your identity and cannot access any of your funds with your PIN number.

11) Highly secure, highly scalable.

12) Multi-lingual and multi currency capable of providing a global solution.

13) User friendly interface that provides a simple data input method and secure quick "one click" point and pay environment.

14) "One-Click" request (account balance and purchase confirmation).

15) Personalized shopping, bill payment, p2p money transfers, and payment for goods and services.

16) E-Coupons and merchant discounts on transaction receipts.

17) Retailer promotional mobile alerts.

18) The SelfBank Account is a secure patentable encrypted transaction. It is an easy-to-use menu driven real-time solution. The "One-Click" pay menu is designed to make it easier for cell phone users, financial services and retailers to deliver a personalized and integrated consumer experience across a range of Internet-enabled mobile devices on the market today while protecting the consumers confidential data. The SelfBank Account is highly secure and operates primarily on a WEP/WAP platform, that also supports secured SMS transactions, not just a simple SMS (text) message. Secured SMS transaction method can be used primarily, if that is all that the cell phone in question can support, if the user prefers to use that method. Again, unlike other 'pieced together' mobile payment applications out there that only work on specific types of phones, or using specific carriers, or in specific Countries, the SelfBank Account is truly an international solution and can operate on any mobile phone worldwide.

19) No additional hardware to purchase by the merchant or consumer to setup and use the SelfBank Account. Users can also schedule mobile alert notifications when a payment is due and, with a single click, pay the bill and receive confirmation without entering any unsecured credit card or bank information on their cell phone.

Why we are in the Right Place at the Right Time:

1) We are in 5 of the largest markets, multi trillion business spaces in the world, one being banking and payment industry. The 4 other multi trillion dollar industries are: loyalty marketing and advertising media, direct sales, social networking, and telecommunications.

2) We have a COMPLETE product offering that doesn't exist on the market yet, but all the BIG players are looking at right now, but have not put all the pieces together yet. We have and are ready to sell it like no one else knows how to.

3) We are a new CATEGORY company, creating a new CATEGORY in the direct sales industry, a 100 Billion dollar a year industry. We are the FIRST in the direct sales industry to bring banking and payments. Amway, Mary Kay, Excel/ACN, Herbalife, all were the first in their vertical market to hit the direct sales market. All are presently BILLION dollar giants. Others have followed and made millions, but NONE as big as the first. Even though we do not follow a MLM model, but rather a traditional A.ffiliate Program like iTunes and Amazon, we still leverage all the same parameters of the direct sales industry.

4) We have 5,000 merchants to start with on our loyalty program, mostly online, but we have over 2,000 that are brick and mortar merchants through our current POS terminal providers. We have proven that we have a product that individuals (A.ffiliates merchants and customers) want to market and buy. In our test launch, we have signed up over 30,000+ total A.ffiliates within 10 days.

5) We have what merchants want, mobile payment platform, a loyalty program to attract more business and lower rates on their POS.

Company Ownership

SBF Inc. was created as a Numbered Canadian Corporation, 6631975 Canada Inc., based in Montreal, Quebec, owned by its principle investors and principle operators. As of this writing, it has not been chartered yet and is still considering alternatives for legal formation in the USA.

Company Locations and Facilities

Sales, Marketing and IT Department (Mailing Address)
4530 Blvd. St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
H2T 1R4

Legal Department
2000 Mansfield Street, Suite 1400
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 3A2

Key Reasons for Our Success

Attitude- We have a winning and positive attitude in everything we do and to everyone we come in contact with. We always focus on the things that we have control over and strive to always make things better.

Mindset- We have a Producer mindset, as suppose to a Consumer. Everything we do is based upon this mindset and we work hard in consistently producing value for all mankind. We always look at what we can create and produce that people want and need, and are willing to pay for.

Actions- It is one thing to have vision and it is another thing to execute actions in the direction of that vision. We are not allergic to hard work and strategically put our efforts where they will have the most impact.

Values- Everything we do is based and originated from our core values. These values are aligned with true principles of prosperity that is the true desire of all mankind

Goals- We believe that one must not just go through life, but grow through life. So we set goals for ourselves that stem from our core values, to constantly push the envelope and increase productivity on everything we are doing. We associate ourselves and learn from other producers and constantly try to raise the bar in what has not already been achieved.

Education- We believe that just like our bodies need sustenance so does our mind and take this as a high priority in making sure we ourselves are constantly being educated so that we are able to pay this forward to those we touch. When bringing together great minds and producers, we are able to feed of each other and create even more value and education than that of what we consumed.

Networking- Humans are Assets and we believe that the most valuable asset we can have as an organization is that of the people that are apart of it. First starting with management, we have built and brought in likeminded individuals that produce value. Then we have reached out to the world and put in place systems and channels for a constant influx of people that will participate in our movement, networking together and leveraging the resources of each and every person that is within our network and teaching them to do the same.

Major Trends - We are alert to the major trends and have position ourselves to not just participate in those trends, but lead the trend and then link that trend into a tipping point that we create in order to enter into a new trend that we have initiated.

Technology- We believe innovation is a crucial part of continual growth. A huge part of innovation is technology. We leverage the latest technologies that are available today and never sit on our assets, but rather consistently strive to turn those assets into new and improved technologies.

Youth- As some may think that being young is a liability due to lack of life experience, we harness this and allow it to be our strength and asset. Having a moving forward youthful approach, but still doing our best to learn from history, allows us to be creative and produce things that don't necessary exist yet.

Joint Ventures- In order to be great at what we do, we realize areas where it may not be our specialty or focus, and create joint ventures with organizations and people that can fill in those areas.

Persistence- We are persistent and don't quit! Where some may think one has failed, we look at that as one step closer in achieving our goal. We believe we can only fail if we quit.

Focus- Even though there are many things around s that we can tap into and perhaps get involved with, we realize that what we focus on will expand and the goals we have set forth for ourselves, based upon our core values, are what we need to focus on.

Decisiveness- We realize that the worst decision we can make is not making one. Whether we say yes or no, we have worked hard in making quick and clear decisions and then we stick with them.

Flexibility- We are flexible in the things that allow us to strengthen what we have already put in place, not compromising our position, but allowing us to also touch areas that
would not have been accessible without flexibility. Avoiding rigidness where things could break without such flexibility.

Discipline- Constant discipline is a very part of our fabric and something we strive to improve on a daily basis. We believe in order to achieve something; you must sometimes make sacrifices in other areas temporarily in order to accomplish our goals.

Advisors- Being a young management team, we have reached out to more experienced entrepreneurs and experts in their field for advice and guidance. We constantly work hard not to repeat mistakes that others have done, but yet learn from them and seek guidance from our advisory board and management team.

K.I.S.S.- We have kept all processes as simple as possible and try not to over complicate things that don't need to be.

Accountability- We take responsibility and are accountable for our actions and look at our mistakes as building stones in our foundation to success.

Mentorship- We seek and established mentors for ourselves, whether directly or indirectly and set our sites high.

Interdependence- We have created a balanced blend of dependence and independence, to create an organization of interdependence, creating new frontiers that other organizations without it can't.

Company Divisions

1) SelfBank Mobile and SelfBank Rewards

SelfBank Account
SBF Rewards Club Membership (Customer Loyalty Program)

2) Merchant Services Division

SBF Rewards Club Membership (Merchant Loyalty Program)
POS Terminal Services
Merchant Account Services
Website Design / IT Consulting / e-Advertising
Corporate Branding / Incorporation Services
e-Accounting Services
Turnkey Payroll and Fundraising Solutions
White-Label Programs

3) Entrepreneur and Educational Division

The Apprenticeship Program (Sales and Business Training Course)
Other Educational Programs and Materials (Personal Growth and Motivation)
Other Business Opportunities (Montreal Hotel Project)

4) Social Network Distribution Division

Meet Franklin Network
MF Dynamic Advertising Program

Potential Future Divisions

1) Telecommunications Division

Cell Phones
Carrier Services
Internet Connection Services
Web browser Applications

2) Health Services

Healthy Home
Healthy Body
Healthy Lifestyle

Management Team

Jonathan Anderson, Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer / Chief Networking Officer
Founder of Entrepreneur Organization, Network Oxygen, Managing Partner of Point Technology LLC of Princeton New Jersey USA, and founder and CEO of REEP Technologies and REEP Developments. As a young entrepreneur, Jonathan formed the high tech firm, JS Aquacom, which grew into what is known as REEP Technologies today. Travelling the world, he has personally coached CEOs, CTOs, Government Leaders, University and College Professors, and established professionals on topics of emerging technologies and personal growth.

William L. Coyle, Co-Founder / President / Chief Operations Officer
William Coyle, 24 yrs. old, is a young Internet entrepreneur and former employee of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. William graduated from John Abbott College with a DEC in Commerce in 2003. He first started his entrepreneurial carrier as the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Ad-Vantage Media Publishing Inc. in 2003 until 2005. A.M.P. Inc. specialized in online business directory advertising and marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses. After learning about the website design and IT industries, William founded, and became President and CEO of My Business Pages LLC in 2006 till present. My Business Pages LLC is a website design and Internet advertising company that has currently acquired over 3000+ clients its first year alone. William is currently finishing off his bachelor's degree, major in Economics, at the Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Adam Atlas, Chief Legal Officer
Adam N. Atlas heads the Montreal-based boutique law firm Adam Atlas Attorney at Law ( Atlas advises clients throughout North America on commercial law issues relating to electronic payments, privacy and information management and other electronic transactions such as those relating to credit cards, debit cards, e-wallet, ACH, EFT, ATM, loyalty cards, gift cards, RFID and SIM. Atlas is the Editor in Chief of The Frontier Times Canada's Electronic Transactions Journal (, the principal source of information on payments businesses in Canada. He is also the Legal Columnist in the principal U.S. electronic payments journal, The Greensheet ( Atlas is best known for negotiating and drafting payments deals opposite U.S. and Canadian banks; he negotiates approximately USD$100,000,000 in residual income annually. Atlas is a member of the Bars of the Province of Quebec and the State of New York. He is a member of the E-Payments Committee of the Science and Technology Section of the American Bar Association. Pro bono services are integral to his practice.

Yvon Roy, Chief Financial Officer
Yvon Roy is a seasoned chartered accountant (CA) who brings solid direct finance experience to the team. Previously, Yvon was the Controller at Actional Corporation, a Silicon Valley venture-funded software company, he was also a senior consultant in the corporate tax department with KPMG LLP and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Yvon specializes in corporate strategy and structure, and has helped raise and build several multi-million dollar organizations.

Kimball Roundy, Co-Founder and Director of Meet Franklin
Founder and CEO of the International Internet M.arketing Consulting Firm, RoundGoods Consulting Group, Co-Founder and Director of The Meet Franklin Prosperity Network. As a young entrepreneur, Kimball was involved in Networking, Internet and A.ffiliate M.arketing dating back to 1998. He served for 5 years as the Ad Operations Manager of major Internet M.arketing firm where he was responsible for growing advertising operations from start-up to a highly profitable multi-million-dollar per year business. Since founding RoundGoods in 2005, he has established A.ffiliate and networking relationships with more than 2,000 companies as well as coached and consulted CEOs, CMOs, CSOs and many other leaders from various Networking Companies, Universities and business organizations. In addition he has consulted with more than 42,500 Networking Professionals in more than 43 countries in regards to emerging internet M.arketing technologies through his revolutionary internet M.arketing system The SpiderWeb M.arketing System Not only is he responsible for the development of an international consulting firm, but he is also involved in other business ventures such as real estate, franchising and international M.arketing. This is what has brought him to his present focus SelfBank Financial and the Meet Franklin Prosperity Network.

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