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Try and offer networkers something of added value to them and they will look for a trade on the basis of "you join my program and I will join yours". Where is the logic in this way of thinking. By the time you have sponsored 100 new team members you will have joined 100 new programmes.

As I write this I do so with an amused smile on my face. As Jim Rohn would say "Don't ask why... this is just the way it is."

I am not here to trade

Having started a personal landing page service I am here to provide you with added value for your business.

If you see the added value then you will take advantage of my offer.

If you don't then that's OK.

So what's the added value behind my service?

Well ask yourself the following questions

- Do you know what the purpose is behind the design of a good landing page, or squeeze page, or splash page or lead capture page? If yes, do you feel like explaining it to your team members? And how about the definitions, because they mean different things to different people?

- do you have the time or the inclination to design and build such a page? If yes, do you have the time and inclination to do it for your team members as well?

- do you have a domain or website to upload your page to? If yes, do you know how to upload your page? If yes, are you prepared to do it for your team mates as well?

- if you have a page, are you happy with the way it looks? Are you able to make personal changes to it? And are you happy to help yout team members with their personal preferences?

- do you feel creatively inspired and inclined to come up with good copywriting? If yes, do you want to do it for your other team members as well? And what about the different countries and cultures and languages?

- do you have a personal autoresponder? If yes, do you have the time or inclination to set it up properly for your lead capture page? If yes, can you do the same for your team mates? And if you can, do you want to spend your time doing that?

- do you have any objections to doing something that will put more money in your pockets, and in the pockets of your team members, without distracting you from your core business? There is a clever network marketing design behind this offer whereby we all benefit!

Look at the whole picture

When I look at the whole picture it is made up of what I consider to be relatively simple components. But simple for me is not necessarily simple for someone else. And even if you find something simple, as you have probably discovered reading this blog, the simple something may not be the something that you want to spend your time doing.

So if I can add value to your business and to your team members by providing an affordable landing page service, then I will do that.

I have discovered over the years that this is what I enjoy doing. My passion is definitely in this kind of service work.

Time flies when you are having fun :-)

And one thing I have learnt from hard experience... it takes me less time to "show" by building a lead capture page for a team member than it does for me to explain the ins and outs. And don't get me started on the time that goes into cleaning up some of the botched attempts that go out there on display in the Internet.

If you are ashamed at some of the landing pages that your team members have put together as the "visiting cards" to your business, then maybe the time has come for you to contact me.

But more importantly, if you just feel like meeting me halfway, I am only an email, skype or call away.

Enjoy and good luck!


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Jenny Tran Freshman   
Great articles well done.
Aug 26th 2008 13:01   
Lamont Landry Freshman   
Looks good, Lamont
Aug 26th 2008 13:14   
Kristjan Sigurjonsson Innovator   
Awesome, This landing page rock´s that´s for sure. I just love it.
Aug 26th 2008 15:04   
Norm Heseltine Advanced   Consultant, Mentor, Coach
Looks good!

I am more interested in the autoresponder and capture pages, as I am in GDI also
gentlephoenix(AT) skype ID: is the beginning of my email address
if it is available.

Norm Heseltine

Aug 26th 2008 15:59   
John Ruiz Advanced   Content Writer
Thats a great capture page snapshot. Never seen anything like it. Great entry!
Aug 26th 2008 19:48   
Wealthsharer Innovator   
Good work!
Aug 27th 2008 12:21   
Sanjida mukul Innovator   

Aug 27th 2008 14:25   
Teresa (Reese) Innovator   
I think this is a really great service. Landing pages are very important, and especially a well designed one. It could be the difference between a prospect that picks you, or someone else. Tops go to you.

P.S. if you get a chance to check out my new article, please do
Aug 29th 2008 01:48   
Bhavin Freshman  
Great well said Dude...

Gr8 Article................
Aug 29th 2008 13:04   
Cheryl Johnson Freshman  
This is an awesome service. You rock Inaki
Aug 29th 2008 16:34   
Greed Hellscream Advanced   Forex Trader
very good idea
Aug 30th 2008 01:13   
Tony P. Senior  Internet Marketer
A really good article Inaki! Thanks!

Aug 30th 2008 04:20   
Andrew Mckenzie Innovator   sport news
great capture page . . Great entry! good reading top marks
if you interested this way i make money and it work for me
Aug 30th 2008 12:55   
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Aldemer Cabalida Senior  Web Developer, Internet Marketer, SEO Specialist
Great! pages guys

Sep 16th 2008 04:02   
Aldemer Cabalida Senior  Web Developer, Internet Marketer, SEO Specialist
nice landing page..

Sep 16th 2008 04:04   
Frank Sisinni Advanced   Retired
This looks like a great service for any one that doesn't know how to create their own landing pages or set up an auto responder. It provides two awesome services for one low price.
Oct 3rd 2008 11:38   
Julius Orias Innovator   
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Talk to you soon,

Julius Orias
Jan 16th 2009 22:47   
Katongole Johnny Advanced   Why Network Marketing Works
hi thanks for your courageous advise and together we can do more
May 8th 2010 13:20   
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