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by Karl Rose

HI ALL! BE PREPARED! I was reading earlier about Israel's 'prctice' pre-emptive strike on Iran. I STRONGLY believe they will be doing an attack with or without USA help sometime in Oct. Iran plans to 'announce' FULL nuclear capability for 'peacful' purposes sometime in Sept. 9/11/08?? WHEN they do, Israel will NOT take it lightly, in fact they will take it as a threat and respond accordingly like they did with Iraq in 1981. THIS WILL be different though, retaliation from Iran will come through terror groups funded by Iran and they WILL use chemical and/or biologiacl weapons on Israel as well as US military bases in the region. THIS WILL result in  a NUCLEAR response by BOTH the USA and Israel. Then you can expect RUSSIA to respond in kinw with THEIR NUKES TOO. GOODBYE TO: New York, D.C., Chicago, L.A. and in other parts of the globe, Moscow, London, Paris, Jerulsalem, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Baghdad and probably many other major cities. I EXPECT this to be coming SOON! Have a GREAT DAY!


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Aliyu Freshman   
Karl,i may be responding late or some how but let me put things this way, when Isreal attacked iraq 1981,they were backed by USA and for now the Arab world have taking too much pain and i dont think they will accept that any more,US have been a close friends to Isreal.when US were to Attack Iraq we thought they will use bio weapons which was never used.what do you think when they attack Iran? see Russia are always sidein the Arabs what will that be,what will be the Faith of Africa ?
if all Nuke countries are to use it dem all will be bad more than 2nd world war.
from your name i guess you are a jew?
Jun 23rd 2008 10:56   
Karl Rose Advanced  
THANKS for your reply. I was actually born as a Roman Catholic but renounced that Church as soon as I was old enough. I dislike the Pope and think that whole R.C. organization is a farce. No I did not convert to the jewish religion either. Rather I switched to fundamental christian worship I take the Bible literally which something the Roman Catholic Church does not seem to get. They twist things to THEIR WAY of thinking and expect everyone to do what the POPE says no matter what. I NEVER liked that at all. Here ids the thing, Israel is constantly being bullied and they are getting tired of it. If the Iranian president would simply 'shut up' and STOP saying 'Israel will be wiped off the map' or 'Israel is doomed' then the leaders in Israel may be more willing to talk with him. But it is too late. The Iranian president sincerely believes HE is the one chosen to bring about the 12th Iman(equal to our 2nd coming of Christ). This will be worse tha workld war 2 if it escalates. Maybe Israel will wait until after our US president elections. But they are like an angry cat in a corner. And the Iranian president just keeps egging them on. Both the USA and Israel are playing right into his hands. He wants us to attack so we look like the bad guys. Maybe this will blow over. But I don't see it that way.
Jun 23rd 2008 13:09   
Aliyu Freshman   
you have spoken well,but i dont see it that way too,the US have been a bad Policy maker since Bush the Father's time, If Isreal is to attack Iran some people will see it in a diffrent perspective some will see it as a Rligion aspect and some well view it as they want to get the oil there cos Isreal dont go to war alone.thats the fact.
The Iran president takin or thinkin to be the 12 |man hmm that's not true of him cos the Imams never teach Counflict and can you tell me why US went to war with IRAQ and AFGANISTAN and what is the meaning of Terrorist?
Jun 24th 2008 09:44   
Karl Rose Advanced  
the meaning of terrorist(to me anyway) is the taking of innocent people's lives by randomly killing them. blowing up guildings and killing people inside those buildings is terrorism. the war in AFGANISTAN is revenge for the 9/11/2001 attacks against the USA but the lawmakers say we are fighting AL-QUEDA. The IRAQ war was supposed to be because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. But HERE is the REAL reason(in my opioion anyway): Bush Jr was out for revenge against Saddam Hussein even before 9/11. ALL he needed was an excuse to get at him. He was mad at Saddam Hussein because of the assassination attempt on his father when his dad was in IRAQ. BUSH Jr wanted to 'teach him a lesson' but needed a good reason that could be used to 'trick' the American people into believing that this 'enemy' had to be removed from power. I thought our protection of Kuwait by Bush Sr was a GOOD reason to attack IRAQ but I DO NOT agree with the way Bush Jr has handled IRAQ
Jun 24th 2008 13:02   
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