Beginners, newbies APSense tips to make money to APSense

by AxwellHome

I don't really know what "goes through my head", but as i was reading this thread, it comes to me an idea.

These are some good advices taken from APSense member's comments, answering the question on some tips to make money to APSense... And on some points how to make money to APSense. This could be for beginners, newbies or people wanted to know and learn more about APSense and improve it!

Subject: What are some tips to make money to Apsense?
Posted by: Ardit


GmoneyEUO says:
Be social,
Take the time to make the money,
Make smart moves.

Nomorehackers says:
Be involved,
Make friends,
Give valuable/helpful information,
Be real!

Brian Kopp says:
He use for social interaction,
To try to keep in touch with what is happening in cyberspace.

Snakesmum says:
Read through this thread and others in the forum, you'll see plenty of ideas about money-making online.
Apsense is better used for having fun, and meeting friends online.
-- Just enjoy it for what it is, a social networking site! :-)

Ben Ferm says:
It is the combined content of the texts You provide with the stuff You are selling elsewhere that will make You the cash.

Indrit says:
If you don't work too hard you can't get anything,
You need concentrating in one site or two. Too sites in a time, you can't afford.

Indrit also says:
No place, if is it a social network or paid to click or doesn't matter what, but that gives you possibility to earn money, can make you earn.
key to success is expanding your network and making lots of contacts

Indrit adds:
You should plan for earning,
You cannot just earn immediately,
If you write good quality content you can get more views and earn more money.
You can earn by your referrals too,
Expanding your downline is a good strategy to make you earn in the nearest future.
You should work on this. To do this in your "my account" use the invite feature to invite your friends.

Emilytanksley says:
Great networking site.
Write good blogs,
Get topped.
These people are great and we learn together and really share our thoughts and ideas on just about EVERYTHING!

Lynn says:
See WOA =World of APSense. It is located at the top of the page. Just click on the tab and you will see how it works.
You may sell ad space on your pages.

Ppl_cheryl63 says:
Make your link clickable - using the UBB codes.
Update your profile section.
Create your signature - it will follow you everywhere on the site.
You earn through your content. This means you need to place quality blogs and posts that people want to read.

Eileen E Schmidt says:
Leave and link to what ever on-line store link at the bottom of your messages - It helps others that maybe curious - sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

The Old Coot says:
When it comes to making money out of Apsense, maybe you should think just a little about what you can do for Apsense. It is very true to say that if your primary drive when you join a community (of any kind) is to earn money from it - you will. inevitably fail.

Let your primary drive be sharing what you know, helping others to achieve what they want, contributing to the many discussion groups and creating groups of your own, watching what other people do and asking them if it works (if it does they will be delighted to say so), Ask for advice about developing a business of your own. Look around the business centres and see what products attract your interest to get some ideas.

In a similar post,
Subject: NEW member
Posted by: Blueguitar

Bianka Jesse says:
Make friends first,
Post a few Blogs,
and just enjoy.

JFB Marketing says:
You can get all the information you need in the Q & A's read all you can here at Apsense it will provide you with much needed information and you will learn it one day at a time.

Chris R says:
Before you think of the money bit, think about who will buy from you.
Post up a picture of yourself,
Join groups,
Start blogs and groups of your own,
Build your relationships,
... The money will come later. and will be a more secure income that a quick buck.

Snakesmum says:
Make friends,
Join discussions,
Write blogs,
The rest will follow.
Apsense is a social network, and the money is just a small added bonus, not the reason for being here.

San says:
Don't worry about the money.
Concentrate on making friends,
Building contacts,
Learning from some,
Teaching to others.
The money will follow.

Ppl_cheryl63 says:
Look for and join groups that say they will help - There are several at APSense that will do that in addition to the APSense group.

Axwellhome says:
I let you make the summary.

In conclusion,
Everyone recognize that APSense is a great network, and plan to take all the advantages that APSense have to offer to them, keeping it funny. So you should. FAQ, informations communicated through top menu (and footer menu too) are good ways to learn more about APSense.

Add to this, many members here are giving good advices and posting good tips about APSense and improving APSense. Go through Groups and find those which give such information. (see "help", "apsense tips", "money with apsense"...) Go throug APSense ASK! --and find answers.

There are many ways you can involve and everyone is unique. AS someone say, PLAN YOUR WORK ... AND WORK YOUR PLAN.

Hope this help.

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Steinar Arason Innovator   
I think it's good idea you have! So keep up the good work, my friend and thanks for the reply on my article. This is what apsense is all about, communication and be active :)
May 7th 2008 19:53   
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