Building The Foundations for Relationships

by King Shoreq
Relationships are diverse and complex. Like other species of animals, such as apes, wolves, and many others, we survive through communicating and relating with others inside and outside our family circle. If we are isolated from others, we will risk starvation, mental insanity or death. The reason is very simple.
Most people need to have contact with others on a daily basis, because of the natural instinct to survive and work in groups and have a family. Thus, we endure the complexities of family or group relationships, because of our desire to survive. We argue, disagree, and sometimes react with aggression towards our friends and family, because of the emotional tensions that can build if we don't know how to address the issues beforehand.
When two or more people enter into a relationship, whether it is a marriage, friendship or a parent-child bond, there are things we must motivate our selves to consider to maintain a healthy and happy relationship and bond.
If we refuse to follow these simple instructions, it is more likely that the relationships will fail. Moreover, motivation to learn how to solve problems in relationships is key to ones survival.
Communication is crucial. We were given the ability to speak and form language for this specific reason. Letting the other person, or family members know what you think and feel about an event or situation is important so you can talk together to arrive at an amicable solution. Write your feelings or emotions on paper for your partner, so he or she can understand how you are feeling, and then you can both discuss how to proceed or maintain a mutual happiness. When you are talking with your child or children, respect their opinions and ideas without condescension.
Speak to them as you would anyone else, and they will listen and respect you more.
Allow them to communicate their feelings to you without instilling fear, but remain firm if they are trying to cause a conflict within the family unit. Ask them, and other family members how they are doing in other relationships in their lives. Your Ad Here
Relationships are not an individual task. It is a form of commitment to other people. For example, a marriage between two people is a symbol of commitment, love and respect for each other. It is a union that opens possibilities to form new and long-lasting relationships with the hope of producing children, or devoting your lives to each other and other members of your immediate family.

The same can be said with the relationship between parent and child. The child needs their parent or parents to teach them social skills, so they can relate to them and people outside in the community. The relationship between the parents and child, is a form of commitment, and must be entered into with the intention of constant communication, love, respect and devotion. If one of these needs are lacking, the possibility of a successful relationship in any of these circumstances is minimal. Moreover, communication, laughter, team cooperation, respect, sharing, and a willingness to solve problems together leads to happy and healthy relationships.

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