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by goldy1011


Dear affiliates,

I wanted to talk to you about some of the latest developments at SFI.

First of all, I am delighted to tell you about SFI's recent growth. Advancements to Executive Affiliate (EA) for February 2008, for example, was up over 90% compared to February 2007. And in recent months, new EAs have been hitting highs not seen in over 4 years. Perhaps the most impressive statistic though is the consistency of the growth; we've now seen almost 18 straight months of growth in revenues, total EAs, and/or new EAs! SFI is clearly in a significant momentum phase and there's every reason to believe our momentum will continue for many months to come (especially with what's coming). Congratulations to everyone who has been a part of this resurgence; we could not have done it without your efforts!

But success is like riding a bicycle uphill—you have to keep pushing forward or soon you'll be rolling backwards. That's why we continue to work so diligently on refining and perfecting the SFI program. And that's why we've made some changes last week.

For years, you've been telling us that SFI needs more products, better products, more competitively priced products, and more internationally available products. In last week's newsletter, I announced that ALL FOUR of these requests are going to be answered. Later this Spring, SFI will unveil a major, new e-commerce site.

     10 top reason why you should join...the company...

1. Work at Home Online. Learn What Real Freedom Is

Be your own boss in your own home business. Work when you want. Where you want. Flexible hours. No dress code.

2. Earn Income In Over 200 Countries Worldwide

Yes, for the first time in history, even the smallest business can market worldwide. The SFI system makes it super easy to build an international business.

3. Automatic Marketing System

We'll teach you how to get hundreds of people to visit your SFI Website using numerous free and low-cost Internet marketing strategies and techniques. Once at your SFI Website, our exclusive automated marketing system can do 99% of the business presentation and follow-up for you...24 hours a day, 365 days a year...AT NO COST TO YOU!

4. FREE 24-Hour Professional Consultation

Each SFI affiliate is assigned up to three leaders to provide free consultation and support.

5. A Family Business with Tax and Inheritance Benefits

Your family can work with you ...allowing you tax deductions on help from your children. Plus, deductions for travel, publications, seminars, gas, phone, electricity bills, etc.. Save money. Plus, you can pass on your business to future generations.

6. Piggyback on our PROVEN Success

Since 1985, we've invested millions of dollars creating, testing, and refining our powerful marketing system. How successful is the SFI system? SFI is currently growing at a rate of over 100,000 new affiliates per month (over 3,000 per day). Why? SFI works! tens of thousands of our affiliates who are receiving monthly commission checks will enthusiastically attest!

7. Tap the Exploding Global Market of the Internet.

The Internet is global. Worldwide. Exploding! USA TODAY recently reported that over 170,000 new people are getting online every 24 hours. Many smart business people are becoming millionaires on the Internet. And this is just the beginning! With SFI you can grab your share.

8. Build a Global Network of Success-Oriented Business Partners Worldwide

Develop valuable contacts around the world! As a partner on our global marketing team, you will associate with entrepreneurs, architects, doctors, engineers, investors, business people, teachers, secretaries, computer enthusiasts, managers, business owners, mothers, students, construction workers, housewives and people of all walks of life -- globally!

9. FREE Training

As our global business partner, we'll show you how to plug into our dynamic online system to build a highly lucrative business on the Internet. Our exclusive newsletter and Website training provides you with all the latest tips, ideas, and insider how-to information to create multiple income streams:

How to parlay as few as 3-5 hours a week into a full-time income without interfering with your current job, profession, or career (it's great for super busy people).

How to use Internet technology to be "in 50 places at one time" and make your income explode

How to use "self-funding" marketing techniques to get all your advertising FREE.

How to avoid the minefields, dead ends, and bottlenecks that 95% of Internet entrepreneurs encounter soon after starting their business.

How to set up "win-win" strategic alliances so that your success is virtually guaranteed through associations with thousands of other online marketers.

10. The Lowest Cost Way to Earn Income Online.

Thanks to the Internet, your business expenses are minimal. You can contact millions on the Internet via email, search engines, directories, free ads, etc. All free! No door to door sales. No postage. No printing. No brochures. No tapes. No videos. No long distance calls. Instant communication -- worldwide. Save loads of money.

11. Turn Your Dreams into Reality.

Anyone, regardless of country, financial situation, education, experience, or background has an equal opportunity to reap the rewards of success this opportunity offers. You could have your home in a country with a low standard of living and be able to earn more money than a person in the richest country in the world. This is because your income can come from the productivity of people in dozens of countries.

12. A Global Income is a Secure Income.

As the world becomes more global, the economy of one nation can affect the financial situation of all other countries. By having your income come from many countries -- no matter where you live, you will have a more steady and secure income.your lucky website below to join...


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goldy1011 Freshman  
wow great products line..economic business for all walks of life who wants and need to succeed
financially in initial capital investment needed..incredible..!!!unlike any other business
youve got to have a capital investment first before you begin to ha a business..
thanks god ...i now have a great future..i could now study and able to finnance my studies in
health care mgt...
thanks for the sfi. i will now have a bright future...
what about

Mar 18th 2008 04:10   
goldy1011 Freshman  
since joining sfi affiliates affiliates network is increasing everyday..
an average of 2500 are joining incredible business program..
soon i will be get rich...selling natural cleaning products line....amazingly great smelling,
very economical,safe, environment friendly, and has economic benefits for consumers
the only online home business that is generous and most advance in the world of home biz. program...thanks for the president..gery carson one time whos who in america, and whos who in media...
the program that continously making wealth to its affiliates and consumers as welll

viva...sfi...the world greatestr and most advance online home biz ,. in the world..
simple but proven aND EFFECTIVE MONEY MAKER..EVER.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 18th 2008 04:20   
goldy1011 Freshman  
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another great product line of invitation only..

Mar 18th 2008 04:26   
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