Using Splash Pages and Lead Capture pages

by Steven Egu Owner, Egu Technologies

Splash pages and lead capture pages are probably the strongest advertising resource in your arsenal when promoting on traffic exchanges. Quality splash or capture pages can amount to thousands of highly targeted opt-in mailing leads for your online business, and way too many people overlook the value of these powerful web pages.

A quality Splash page is basically a page with a graphic illustrating the business or service your promoting. The graphic is designed to generate interest in your business. When clicked, the visitor is brought to your sales letter and pitched your opportunity. Splash pages are arguably the most effective online tool for promoting on high speed traffic exchanges. A couple for reasons for this are because they are fast loading, convey a powerful message, and are compatible with basically any browser.

A capture page works on the same idea as a splash page, but many times a capture page will contain text. Usually a mini-sales letter, and a forum where a visitor will type in contact information. Usually a name, email address, and sometimes phone number. Capture pages are great because you capture visitor information before the prospect is able to view the full details of your website. What this means, is even if the visitor isn’t interested in the promotion they are viewing, you can still market them other products and services at a later time. This can extremely powerful for your business as well as your list building efforts.

The power of traffic exchanges should never be overlooked, as they can build lists and generate prospects faster then any other advertising tool on the internet. You must use the traffic exchange correctly however, and realize that that your only objective on a traffic exchange is to generate contacts, not sell your product. By successfully utilizing lead capture pages, and splash pages you can increase your earnings substantially.

Some marketers even combine elements of splash pages and lead capture pages, with extended sales print. These type of marketing pages are often referred to as ‘Reverse Capture Pages.’ Reverse capture pages offers a ‘teaser’ amount of information to capture the visitors interest, and promises more information and maybe a free product for typing in personal information in to a form. This form of marketing is fairly new on the traffic exchanges and has performed exceptionally well for many marketers. Marketers state that the reason why this method is so effective is because people are tired of giving information about themselves out freely without having any idea what product or service they are going to be receiving information about.

No matter which type of page you decide to design for a traffic exchange, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the professional appearance of the page. There are many different types of splash pages, lead capture pages, and reverse lead capture pages out there, and on a traffic exchange you will be competing with all these different designs. You want to make sure that your own page is up to snuff, and people are going to want to click or type information into your form, and a lot of this starts with basic presentation.

Top marketers will go to and hire a professional to design their capture or splash pages, other marketers with a fraction of the budget, may use a design service or an automated program. No matter how you go about designing these pages, you must deliver explosive content, and attention grabbing print. Or your advertising efforts on a Traffic Exchange will be minimized.

Steven Lanier is an online marketer, and professional list builder. Steven has grown large downlines in several MLM's and is a top affiliate in many companies and opportunities. Visit his website here

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