Guest Blogging??

by Wendy
Is it a good idea?

Is it even feasible?

Should one look at all?

I have been thinking about inviting a few people to post articles on my blog.

Just not sure if it is worth it or even how to go about setting it up.

Would one do all the work themselves? I mean like getting the articles by email or allow them direct access to your blog so they could post them.

I do realize that one would have to know and trust the other person before one would allow such a thing.

Any insights or thoughts


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Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant
If the person that's going to write for you can truly add pizzazz to your blogs... I would agree, but I tend to think of my blog as my own territory....

Why not start an I-CHANNEL for your guests to write in? People who subscribe to one from anywhere on the Internet, might be Interested... Apsense folks can subscribe to them, too.

This might protect your blog, while helping you maintain your own writing VOICE, which we've all come to know and Love! :)
Jan 16th 2008 11:12   
Mark Hultgren Senior   Wordpress Specialist
Hi Wendy,
My site at MoneyBlogManager is set up just for that. It has an admin area that you can set to require additions to the site be reveiwed prior to going live to help keep the junk and garbage out of it too!
Jan 16th 2008 11:21   
Wendy Senior   
True I do like my Blog although it needs some work.

Never heard of I-Channel and not sure the unpaid version of Wordpress would allow it.

Course I said that and then realized I haven't a clue what the hell I am talking about LOL

Good thing you can't hear my voice LOL sound like a guy I do Especially on a CB

Jan 16th 2008 11:24   
Mark Hultgren Senior   Wordpress Specialist
IChannel is the feature here at Apsense that will allow you to include RSS feeds from your blogs as part of the channel. A great tool once folks see the power of it!
Jan 16th 2008 11:26   
Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant
See what you missed while you were away? A whole new toy for Apsense to reach the publice with! :)
Jan 16th 2008 11:33   
Wendy Senior   
Going to check out the Money Blog Manager as you say.

Logged into the forum already

Jan 16th 2008 11:35   
Jenny Stewart Professional   
So long as you can control the content and the admin of the blog , it seems to be an interesting idea. MKW has suggested how you do it - and why not? variety is the spice of life!

Jan 16th 2008 16:09   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional Premium   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Well Wendy, I'm using the same basic idea with my newsletter. I have guest authors all the time. They get the benefit of getting their content in front of new people and I get the occasional subscriber that has wandered on as a result of following someone else.

I have full control over what makes it into the newsletter.
Jan 16th 2008 16:26   
Joseph Botelho Magnate I   Investing One Gram at a Time
Hi Wendy,

It works you do have to keep an eye on what is being written and be on top of it ....yes it is a little extra work but in the end you may get the results your looking for........
Jan 17th 2008 09:43   
Wendy Senior   

You are right on that fact controlling the content is priority


A newsletter is good idea too Cept no idea who to send to LOL


You know I don't mind a little extra work

Now if only someone could assist me with Ichannel thingy Not sure what to do or how to set it up

Jan 17th 2008 12:41   
Sherri-Anne Myers Committed   Ladystrange Lingerie
The other option is to articles from a place like ezine There are tons of articles there. I have used them on several occasions. But I agree that it is nicer to have fresher content.
Jan 17th 2008 22:48   
Beth Schmillen Professional   
Hi Wendy,

I read this earlier and topped it and had also read thru all the comments and didn't really know what to add..

I like the idea... if you know someone that will also post your stuff on their blog... you could do an exchange... it would be like a link exchange in a way....

if they just sent you an email with the article already formatted all you'd have to do is copy and paste it.... so as long as they were doing the same for you it would be well worth it.... and if you happen to be friends with someone who has a high ranking on those search engines... that would be cool!

you already have where you list your Apsense friends and their links... that's real similar to doing the posting of a blog article from someone else on your blog....

i think it's a great idea...
Jan 19th 2008 00:39   
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