Business Marketing Tips in a Step by Step series - Step 3 You got to have a System.

by Tobias Fransson
Business Marketing - Step 3 You got to have a System.

During my time pursuing MLM opportunities the only "System" that I have been taught to use is the:

Make a list of 100 names of anyone you know.
Then contacting those people and pitch them on the idea of getting on a conference call where the opportunity would be explained to them.

One should always be adding names to the list and "working it" since the money is in the list or so they told me.

The second part of that system was the three foot rule. Talk to anyone that comes within three feet of you. Well the goal here was to pique their interest and get their contact details so you could follow up.

Of course going after just regular customers was a BIG NO NO. Since it would just take to long to get succesfull.

Well I have been following that system for a long time until I finally stopped and thought about it and realised that it wasn't working.

If you are currently following a system (doesn't have to be a MLM one) and you have been doing it for a long time and still have nothing to show for it. My advice to you is to STOP and ANALYSE why you are not making any progress.

Part One:
The first step on working on a succesfull system is to realise the importance of having a system. If you have no system set up it is hard to be so precise and consequent that you need to be add the factor of time and you can start to see how difficult it would be to attain success if you have no structured way of going about it.

To use a non mlm example:
You have McDonadl's and you might have heard this one before. What makes McDonald's big success doesn't come from having a good burger. Infact it would not take much to make a better burger then McDonald's but would that automaticly mean success? No it of course wouldn't, however what makes McDonald's succesfull if it isn't their burgers?

Well next time you visit a McDonald's take a look at how the cashier speaks, and moves and what they do. They normally get you you'r order in the same timely manner regardless of wich place you goto. They have the same menues and it all tastes the same. Further more the staff seem to have 3 main chores, cleaning, cooking and standing in the cashier taking orders. When they have finished taking you'r order they always ask, do you want something more?

To ensure that all the staff does everything in a standardised manner all across the globe you realise that it would be impossible if McDonald's didn't have a system for customer service, taking orders, cooking and training the staff. Have a logistical System and so on.

It is the system that is making the money on a grander scale. Not the individual hamburger (although it does add up).

Part Two:

How do you create you'r own system?
Well what system you ultimatly create depends on what type of person you are, what skillset and education you have and what market your business is in. For me I am using web 2.0 techonlogy as a part of my system to attract leads and traffic. I do this because I am a computer person and I just have an easier time learning and applying things in an online enviroment.

If you are not a computer person one could for example to letter informercial campaigns and offline marketing or hire someone that is good to create a online marketing campaign.

The key to remember here is that knowledge is power so educate yourself. Attend regular marketing seminars if you do not have money to pay someone to set up a big marketing campaign.

Before you actually start to build any system. Take a while to piece it all together on paper first to see how it fits together. Think and develope it a bit and then seek councleing and advise from you'r mentor and other friends that are succesfull or people that has more knowledge and skills then you do in regards to marketing. If you have no friends or mentors that are relevant to this you could think on a way of how to network/connect with marketers and succesfull people and make a system out of it.

Part Three:
When you have you'r system all tied together and down on paper. You have gotten feedback on it from a few knowledgable people it is time to put it to the test. Focus on building up and finish one part of the system first and then keep building and pieceing the entire system together. Rome was not built in a day and unless you are very familiar with building succesfull system up it could take a while before you have everything up and running.

If you are first starting out in creating systems remember that you might not succeed on the first try or second but you do "WIN" anyway because you are getting highly valuable experience if you keep analysing your progress. Haveing saught the help of mentors and knowledgeable friends should have increased you'r chanses for success because they to have made mistakes and learned from that.

Infact that is how we start in life, by making mistakes it is when we become older that the whole idea of making a mistake is so negative. I look upon making mistakes as a learning experience that empower me. Since I know and feel that the saying I just used is true. Is it really a mistake to begin with?

Part Four:
Instead of creating your own system you can buy other system that has already been proved to be a success. These systems are called Frenchises and although they might cost quite a lot of money compared to getting into an MLM company it might still be the way for you to get going. But before jumping into one make sure you do some proper research on the companies, interview established owners in you'r neighborhood and really make sure that you are picking up the right system for the right place so you don't end up buying into an expansive system and then set up in a location where you attract no customers. Again seek advice from mentors and those already succesfull in that business.

Part Five:
I touched lightly on the subject of edcuation earlier in this article. The information is out there in the form of different e-books, books and seminars online and offline on how to create everything from own lead generating systems, to marketing funnels to sponsoring systems etc. I am highly recommending the approach that I took to building systems, GET EDUCATED and don't go at it alone. Sure you might be in business by yourself but dont overlook how beneficial a network of knowledgable people can be.

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