Going Head To Head With

by Minds Eye Book Club

I know what you're saying...

That's impossible!  Who could ever go head to head with  They've got the market cornered.  Who doesn't do their shopping on're a certain extent. 

I bet you one thing...they never saw this coming.

A company that gives you the power of a million dollar company on your very own desktop.  Your very own, personal bookstore with 1.5 million books, cd's, dvd's, and games.  We're giving you, the average Joe, the power to go toe to toe with one of the biggest companies in the world. 

You're still saying to yourself...but what about Amazon?  They have so many widgets and gadgets, of course people are going to keep buying from them.  They're just so one could possibly compare. 

What happens when you match the prices of  What happens when you give the little person the power to own their very own bookstore?  What happens when you give that person 40% of the profits generated from that store, instead of the miserable 10% that offers.

When it really comes down to it...

Are you going to buy from your mom or your dad? - Or are you going to buy from Amazon?  Are you going to buy from your brother or sister? - Or are you going to buy from the biggest online store on the net?  Are you going to buy from your nephew or niece? - Or are you going to fuel a mega supergiant that has absolutely no regard for the little guy? 

Think of it this way...would you rather work for the impersonal, cold-hearted "Fox Bookstore" or would you rather own your very own "The Little Shop around the Corner", supercharged by the power of the internet?

It's your choice!  But for once, wouldn't you like to stick it to the "man"?

Here's your chance to take on the Giant that is has something to fear.  Why?  Because, what happens when you take a millionaire author and pair him up with the biggest business guru around? 

Richard Paul Evans (Millionaire Author) and Robert G. Allen (Millionaire Author, Real Estate Specialist, and Business Guru), have come together to create a company that the world has never seen.  If you've taken any course from Robert Allen, you know that he is innovative and will get you down and dirty with the big dogs.

If it wasn't enough to have these two, powerhouse millionaires working together, they've teamed up with some of the brightest minds in the industry.  With that kind of resourcefulness, they're bound to create a truly worthy company. 

And so, the world is presented with the biggest threat to - Bookwise 

An innovative, personalized, home-based business that anyone can appreciate.

They're putting the corner bookstore back on the corner.

Be the David of the book industry and dare to stand up to the Giant.

Bookwise will be a house-hold name in less than five years time.

Here's your chance to get in on the action.



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