How to Stay Busy as a Freelance Writer

by musikagod
By now, you may have found a handful of sites that allow you to make money for writing. Many of these sites do not average high payouts until you start receiving a good amount of traffic. By getting paid per page view, the amount you earn can be a very nice payout considering the millions of people who surf online daily. However, until you are experienced and produce top quality content, sometimes you may need to focus on the quantity of content you are producing. This raises an important question. How do I find ideas to write enough content without having the quality suffer? The answer is brainstorming; staying up to date with current events and topics, learning what information people are searching online for, and organizing those thoughts.

The important thing to remember is that quality is still very important. Though, to get noticed, the more you write, the better chance that you will get those readers you need to make a decent income. So, from these factors, a popular question is how can one spark enough good ideas to earn money before waiting for the thousands of page views?

The first key to being a good writer is to get your ideas out of your head. The mind works quickly, and if you do not record your thoughts, many great ideas may pass without ever having the chance to develop them. The best way to do this is to always have access to methods of recording. Keep a voice recorder if you have one. Carry a memo pad and a pen everywhere. You will not always have a computer near by, so be sure to have other ways to write your thoughts. Also, on your computer, keep a word document at easy access so that when a thought enters your head, you can jot it down without having to wait for the program to load.

Do not be afraid to free write. You may remember some exercises in a creative writing class you once took. Now is the time to start using them. One particular brainstorming technique is a free write where you write all your thoughts. This means everything that comes to you. If you have absolutely nothing to write about, write, “I have nothing to write” and continue to keep a flow of text. At times, the writing may seem pointless, nonetheless, you will find yourself getting thoughts on paper that would normally have just past you by.

Keeping up with current events and news is just a matter of paying attention. Watching the news channels on television, or browsing online, are two easy ways to know what is going on in the world. These tend to be things that people search for on a daily basis, so if you are one of the ones writing the articles, you have a better chance of being read. Of course, the one important consideration here is that you do not want to spend a lot of time writing an article for a story that was big news yesterday, and not news at all today.

Google and other search engines are of great importance to freelance writers. The trick is to find out what else people are searching for besides just current news. Just about all search engines have ways to see what the top searches and trends are. If many people are searching for a word or topic, you should consider writing a relevant article that will then appear as a result, giving your article better chances to be recognized.
These tasks can be achieved in many different ways. As a freelance writer, you should try to maintain the quickest and easiest way to find this information, so that you can focus most your time in actually writing and earning money. This can be done with the new iGoogle platform. If you go to, you may notice a change in its appearance. The page is very easy to customize to your needs. You are able to place news feeds from many different websites and categories. It is quick and easy to move the different feeds by clicking and dragging them to your desired location. There is also the option to add tabs to help organize your personal page. What this can do for you is keep you very up-to-date as well as helps keep your resources in one place. For example, your home tab may contain daily information such as your local weather, a word of the day, the current stock exchange graph, a To-Do list, and/or breaking news, the options are endless. You could then add a tab for writing. This tab could keep all your resources, like a thesaurus, a dictionary, even a box that helps gives you ideas about what to write about. How you organize it is completely up to you. The advantage is that when you add a tab, you can allow Google to find relevant information that is related to the tab name for you. So, if you make a music tab, Google will include a lot of information relating to music and music news.

There are many different types of writers in the world. Some have a passion to write about certain topics. Others like to write about many different topics. The same goes for style. There are writers that stick to the opinionated editorials, while others only write stories or poetry. Whether or not you only write on one topic, in one style, or you write on everything you encounter in whatever style you feel that day, good brainstorming and resources can increase your productivity and fine-tune your abilities. When this happens you set yourself on a track to becoming a successful writer with a plethora of ideas.

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