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by Jeff Greene Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant

 I am trying out several different types of free survey software. As most of you know surveys are a great and fun way to gain knowlege about what products and services might interest the members of a particular site... such as Apsense--


 Also when you a dealing with an unknown audience, a survey, particularly a fun survey can be a very good ice breaker...

NOTE! To all of you who are promoting products that deal with personal safety, computer security and the like, I believe that a well built survey is the perfect way to present these products-- You don't have to go into using The Fear Factor in your marketing efforts. Especially on social sites. 'Nuff said...

  This is my very first try with this software. It is free and that means it's limited, but if it's useful I'll let you know and give you the link. There is no affiliate program associated with this product that I know of. So money is not a concern here, better marketing information for all of us, is the deal here.

 My survey is for the Build A Better Burger contest, which is a real contest that takes place every year... I send you to the link for that, too.

 My survey is very short, about 1 minutes should do it, so please have fun with it, and I thank you for your participation.

 Have a free membership in the 1759 Society on me!- We throw the best free parties AROUND the world-- Great food and FREE Guinness! :)

Here's the survey! Click here to take our Online Survey


 More Advanced Survey Gizmo Has A Powerful Free Version With A Free Affiliate Program!

 If you feel ready to create a more attractive and powerfully advanced survey for your needs, I recommend trying Survey Gizmo. ( Sniff! :( sorry- my late doggy was named Gizmo)

 But anyway you'll be very happy to know that it's easy to use, and you'll have help from Survey Gizmo forums and articles should you need it...

 I am getting ready for some very serious Halloween fun, so I'm going to put my Survey Gizmo project on hold until Thursday, or make that Friday... I'm hedging my bets here... :)

 If any of you Brave Beloved Souls want to try Survey Gizmo and post one in your blogs here at Apsense, you are very welcome to try it out.

 I'll be the first to say thanks and possibly come up with a goodie for those who do so! :)

 I must re-iterate, SURVEYS are excellent tools for your marketing! Surveys can appeal to several senses at once, the foremost one is the Intellect--  This can cause the more fluid senses to "Fall in line",  and make any person pay stricter attention to your questions, and their own answers...

 Sometimes ads will tend go for the "Gut" emotions and responses and either numb them into indifference or anger them into negative responses.

 Surveys, even fun ones, engage the Intellect for a few moments, and that is what you want your potential customers to use when they consider your product, service or program.

 "Beware The Emotional Purchaser!" is some wisdom that I came up with after being in business for a while on the Internet. This type of purchaser can be a time-bomb waiting to go off if something, even the slightest little thing, should go wrong with a product they purchased from you!

 Even during your wonderful sales pitch, whether it's by email, website, business function-- You always should seek to engage the Intellect,  as much as possible.

 Using surveys is nothing new-- It's a time honored tradition that was designed to gauge the feeling and opinions of Humans of about a billion things on planet Earth and Elsewhere...

 After Scientists finally discovered- (Probably by using a survey) that other Humans actually had an Intellect, too... They created more surveys, quizzes and tests to measure this astounding fact...

 Problem was, they started at the top, in the Political sectors, where Intellect seems to vaporize instantly, right after said Politicos are elected! :) LOL!

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Theresa Advanced   
WOW! that was quick and easy ! It was only one question - LOL!

Oct 27th 2007 13:49   
Not Here Committed  just want my account deleted
LOL...Awesome survey..thanks peaceful!
Oct 27th 2007 14:08   
Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant
This was an excellent find! The results are very readable... Free members have to log in to see 'em.

Creating surveys was super easy and the site is generous, too... Free members can create unlimited surveys, but they only last for 10 days- so consider that time factor when you create a survey.

I say go ahead and use it- You can sign up right from the page. Again, have BIG FUN for your first few survey trys, and then get serious about using the tool for your stuff.

Thanks guys for helping me out! :)
Oct 27th 2007 15:08   
larsEgarots Freshman  
At most sites its hard and takes a long time make a survey using their forms. Its far easier just to send a document of your questions and they'll put your survey online:

Jul 17th 2008 15:56   
Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant
Every marketer should try their best at learning to create their own surveys. Thus is a marketable skill, and it can turn into a source for profit, too! :)
Jul 18th 2008 18:15   
Charles hoyte Freshman  
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Mar 3rd 2009 01:27   
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