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Frequently asked question 

What is

Forexinvesta is a system destined to people who wish to get earnings from Forex business, but unable to or do not have enough fund to conduct by him/herself. 

What is the function of this company as?

Forexinvesta function is as the management of investment of investor’s fund. 

How to join?

You can enlist, without charge, using the registration menu. After enlisting, you have login to member area by username and the password you registered 

How much minimum investment I can invest?

The minimum investment is 1 IU = Rp. 100.000,00 and its multiplies 

How to conduct the investment?

After enlisting freely, please, login to your member area and conduct request investment using by the menu of fund deposit. Fill the amount of investment unit you want to invest, then, (type 1, 2, 3 etc only according to your desire), then click the submit button. Afterwards, conduct the transfer to inter-company account according to your amount of request investment and conduct the confirmation by sms to the company. 

What is the meaning of contract code and how to get it?

Code contract is your no investment id in the form of 7 digital numbers and automatic contract code you get in your code column after requesting investment by the member area. 

How much advantage I obtain?

You will get 1% he profit a day including your capital return 

What is Signup Bonus?

Signup bonus is bonus given to the investor as an appreciation because of conducting the registration and investment. The form of this bonus is the addition of investment amount 2% from the investment value, directly, to your account. 

For example :

You conduct the investment Rp. 1.000.000,00, hence you only transfer the amount of Rp. 1.000.000,00 and the company enhance 2% directly an amount of Rp. 20.000,00, therefore you will get 1% from Rp. 1.020.000,00 a day. 

How long of giving profit?

Its duration is 180 work/trade days with 5 workdays a week (Monday - Friday). If the average of one month is 4 weeks, hence the profit will be given during about 9 months. 

Can my fund of investment be taken before the contract end?

No. Your fund will be locked during the contract and cannot be taken again. 

How to get my profit?

Fundamental capital along with profit 1% a day will directly transferred to your account every day of Monday to Tuesday according to minimum boundary of transfer order of bank you use. 

What bank account can be used?

In this time, we use the BCA, Mandiri, BNI and E-Gold 

How much/many minimum Boundary transfer the each the bank?

Minimum boundary of transfer of BCA = Rp. 10.000,00, Mandiri = Rp. 50.000,00 BNI = Rp. 10.000,00 and E-Gold $ 0.1

When can I start to get the delivery profit?

After your profit fulfill the minimum boundary of transfer of bank you use. And, it is sent Monday – Tuesday next week. 

How can I know the profit amount and date of transfer to my account?

You can see the profit and schedule of transfer by the member area in menu of fund deposit the click the profit button. 

What is the evidence I get that I invested in

You will get the certificate of evidence investment, which described also your profit transfer schedule. Certificate will be sent to your address according to address you registered. You will get certificate on every your contract id. 

Can I enlist more than 1 time?

OK, we do not restrict how many times you will enlist. 

May I conduct the investment more than 1 time?

OK. We do not restrict how many times you will invest 

Can I change my bank account data?

For the security and your satisfaction, you cannot, hence change your bank data, therefore we urge you before enlist, pleas prepare first your bank account data. If you want to use other bank data, please you enlist again 

What is referral bonus or that affiliation bonus?

Bonus of Referral or affiliation bonus is bonus you get if there is someone conducts the investment to your reference. 

How big of referral bonus I will accept?

You will get the referral bonus of 5% from your network investment value 

Until how many level I have right to get the referral bonus?

You have right to get the referral bonus until 5 levels of deepness, the amount is the same that is 5% per level. If I do not conducted the investment, then there is someone enlists to my reference,

do I have right also to get the referral bonus?

You remain have right to get the referral bonus though you yourself just enlist and do not invest yet. This is what we called WITHOUT CAPITAL CAN EARN MONEY!!! 

How I take my referral bonus?

Referral bonus will be delivered directly to your account after minimum accumulation of Rp. 50.000,00 

Does this program work internationally?

Yes, they can use the e-gold account that works internationally



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