It Was my Hobby - now it's my Business.

by Jenny Stewart
One of the most enjoyable ways of working, is when you have the good fortune to be able to spend your working day doing something that you would do from choice AND earn money from it.

I have always enjoyed decorative painting and decoration - and spent a lot of time painting ceramics and angel figurines. However when I found it impossible to work outside the home with two small children to take care of on my own - I started working from home.

I already had a business background and had also been self employed for several years as well - so I looked around and realised that my own hobby was easily converted into a home based business.

Like most people I started to sell my angels and christmas nativity sets to friends. Then advanced to markets and craft fairs- found that there was a demand for my work from gift shops and other shops catering for angel lovers. So Alas y Cia Granada (Wings & Co Granada in English) was born.


Next stage - a web site of course and as a logical conclusion from there - a marketing campaign on the internet - out of which i discovered the Business and Social networking communities.

And here I am.!

By day we paint angels ( I now have two people helping me) for our shop and private customers

and ithe rest of my work time - I get onto my trusty computer and join in with the rest of the world, including a little networking of my own with an advertising programme I promote (after using it for my own advertising and liking it). And of course I started
The Artists and Artisans Place at ApSense which is my own way of helping to promote the work of artists and Crafters, like myself.

I have found the internet to be a wonderful marketing method and also a great way to meet all sorts of interesting people and learn about their work -

Thanks for a great Group.

Alas y Cia Granada
The Place for Angel Lovers on the Web

Alas y Cia - -The Place for Angel Lovers on the Web

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Coach Steve Toth Advanced   
Hi Jenny;

This is a wonderful post about an example of how someone like yourself can take a hobby at first and then turn it into a successful business by using the Internet and networking/building relationships.

I'm also an "Angel" lover except I collect them from inside of people.

To Your Success,

Oct 12th 2007 11:41   
Jeff Greene Committed   Online Marketing Specialist/Consultant
Wonderful words from a wonderful woman! :)

Your freedom is the World's Gift, and one day everyone will see it... I hope that marketing your work becomes an easy art form for you as well!

Believe me, you have come to the right place-- There are some excellent marketers here who are artists as well, so have no fear-- You will recieve the all guidance and support that you need!

Brava! :)
Oct 28th 2007 13:58   
Marsha Seiberling Advanced   
Thanks for your post. I did the same thing with my crafts :)

I'm trying to start my own blog on it, but being apsense illiterate I can't figure out how to add to my own blog? Any help on that?


Nov 2nd 2007 07:04   
andy jack Innovator   Headline
Ceramic artist :) gr8,we are also dealing with ceramics,especially ceramic tiles and sanitary wares,we have also included some hand work ceramics products,and also we are suppliers of raw materials used for ceramics.u can check our website and good article:)
Nov 4th 2007 01:50   
Deanna W Innovator  
Good work, I also love to paint but can hardly find the time.
I love how you took a dream and made it into a reality.

Nov 10th 2007 06:07   
Nina Cleveland Advanced   
Great post, Hi Jenny, it's been awhile , since I have talk with you , glad to see you are doing well with your angels. For me I have been very busy myself, can't keep up as soon as I get thier wings on they are flying out the door to some one who have purchased them. Yes it's a great feeling to have someone just love your work. I Have added a gallery to my A.B.C. site
http://choicesense.apsense. on my jewelry and angels. it loads slow a little but after it loads it's okay I have differenet catogories of pictures.
I know what you mean about hobby, I started 30 years ago. Now it has become my work.

Wishing you the best holiday ever, and much success.
Warm Regards, Nina
Nov 27th 2007 19:50   
Lisa G. Committed   Health Wellness & Wealth Consultant
That's the best kind of business to have!

Enjoy! Your angels are Beautiful too!
Dec 11th 2007 21:03   
Jenny Stewart Professional   
Hey guys - i think I'll have to rewrite this blog.

After a three day Arts & Crafts Fair for Christmas which I run and participate in - I am wrecked - physically and mentally. I never want to see another paint bush in my life or another virgin Mary and Co. Don't know about living a dream - try a nightmare sometimes! A box of angels to take to the Fair weighs about 30 to 40 lbs. and I had a car full !!I think I'm going to look for a job in a bank! LOL

Why cant people celebrate Christmas at some other time?? AAAggghhh!.

Ok - I've got that off my chest! I am going to take a day off and I'll be back in Angel Land the next day! LOL

Of course I love my work - I'd have to be certifiably crazy to do it if I didnt
Dec 13th 2007 18:56   
Jean DAndrea Senior   Retired
No matter how much we enjoy our work, Jen, we all benefit from
time off.
Enjoy your break. :-)

Dec 13th 2007 20:07   
Jenny Stewart Professional   
Hi Jean, the moment passed - I am feeling better now and back to painting tomorrow.

Today we organized the mess left after the Christmas Fair and put everything in its place to we can find the studio and work in it! . It was hidden under a massive amount of last minute packing stuff - so that I could get there on time. Now we can see the floor and shelves! and the work bench.

Looks pretty good in fact and the figurines are far more lovely than I remembered! LOL
Dec 17th 2007 09:39   
Jennifer Underwood Professional   Promoter
I have tried to paint ceramics. It is definitely an art..and very difficult to do (especially those little cracks and lines to paint). It is such a blessing to have a talent for things like that, and I admire you for it! It is so awesome that you took your hobby to the next level and now own your biz!
Dec 17th 2007 10:40   
Jill Davidson Advanced   
I love to crochet and find it rewarding when someone actually wants to give money for something I created!
Dec 20th 2007 12:38   
Jenny Stewart Professional   
Hi all,

No Jenn I dont paint all the little crcks - not that cracked yet - but getting that way! LOL It is a technique that cracks the surface and then you colour the cr4acks.

Jillbeth, you are also doing what I did - with your hats - it is amazing how something like that can grow and turn into a way of working!
Dec 22nd 2007 14:45   
June Mac Advanced   
What a lovely way to earn a living :)
Hugs June
Dec 28th 2007 15:09   
Monna Ellithorpe Committed   Writer, Independent Consultant
Great post. This also proves that success can come from what you love doing. Thanks for posting this.
Sep 22nd 2010 08:41   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Hi Alas, My mission today was to comment on a business blog. I'm glad I found yours. It's great to see people succeed in areas one wouldn't have thought of. WTG !
I love your story so much, I tweeted it, shared it on FaceBook and StumbleUpon. If it brings you more business, great ! Inspiring stories deserve attention. :)
Oct 11th 2010 09:02   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
It is wonderful when you can turn your hobby into a business
Oct 29th 2010 19:20   
Jan aka Jaz Green Senior   
Alas, I am inspired to speed up my progress. I love to crochet and have a stack of afghans, pillows, shawls, hats, ... even have some covered hangers ... many of them are one-of-a-kind and I will not part with them ... am thinking of comissioned projects.

In better times, I have made decent money from auctions.

My son recently graduated from high school, he is interested in attending a graphic/art instition; my daughter is almost finished with her program of study (marketing media)... her forte is music entertainment and I am excited about the possibilites of a joint project of our collective talents :)
Nov 9th 2010 03:31   
Rieke F. Senior   Consultant
Hello Alas,

reading your presentation here I only can admire you. Being able to manage your time in being creative, look for your kids and family, take part on fairs and be present here too. You are really blessed.

luv n light
Nov 29th 2010 08:29   
Gautam Jain Advanced  Consultant
Hi Alas, really good thing you did, it inspires many people who love their hobbies and like to convert into livelihood. I tweet this story. :)
Nov 29th 2010 08:39   
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