Should I Have Written This?

by diecaster

I really had to arm wrestle with myself during the process of determining whether to write or not to write the following piece. For whatever reason, the “write it” inner me won the match. I have shared this with very few people to date. Hear goes:


During my stint as a summer camp counselor, I was in my cabin one clear night somewhere around the 2:00 AM hour, looking out over the boy’s cabin area. The cabins were arranged in a circle, with the cabins just in the tree line, open space about 60 yards across with flagpole in the center. I saw, at about 6 feet above the ground, a small bright light, maybe 2 feet across. My first thought was an extremely bright flashlight shining from one of the cabins. However, the light was very bright in intensity, and proceeded to “zip” from one spot to another, very quickly, covering 25 feet or more with each move, at the same elevation. This occurred three times, and then the light moved at walking speed, very steadily, for another 100 feet or so. The light, quite frankly, had an unearthly shine to it, and to this day I find it hard to clearly describe. I watched it until it went into the tree line between two cabins, and disappeared immediately. Nobody else saw it: I tried in vain to wake up my JC, but the light was gone by the time he half way awakened. This object, which I watched with a combination of fascination and uneasiness, was, well, I’ll say it: A UFO. (No, it was not someone carrying a light)


Was it unidentified? I sure couldn’t put any type of ID on it.

Was it flying? By my definition, yes.

Was it an object? I don’t know what else to call it.


Yesterday, a friend of mine shared with me his experiences with the “UFO” that he has seen. I have every reason to believe him, no reason to doubt him. He gains nothing from sharing, and in fact tends to keep life experiences to himself. His sharing with me prompted me to pen this piece. He is not a wacko, and does not brag. I don’t know why, but our conversation brought me back to the event I have described above.


I do not like the term UFO. It is way overused, and almost universally brings an immediate connotation of weird reports, alien abductions, government conspiracies, little green men and a plethora of other knee jerk reactions. That aside, what is your opinion on the unknown objects observed around the world? Have you ever experienced a sighting of some type? Known someone who has? Think I’m ready for a reservation at the HA HA Hotel?


I’ll accept any response you have.




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Shikha Sinha Advanced   
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Sep 26th 2007 23:11   
Kristian H. Professional   GOT Team Cofounder
I've never had any sightings of "unknown objects observed" personally but reading and thinking about the subject has always fascinated me.

Regardless of if it's there or not, I think it's a bit naive to think that we are the only ones out there in this big big universe.

Thanks for sharing your experience, it was a great read!
Sep 28th 2007 13:03   
Shikha Sinha Advanced   
friend post more blogs..
to post minimum 2 blogs daily okay byeee
Sep 29th 2007 01:54   
Jeanette G. Advanced   mentor
The possibbility of "UFO's" has always held my interest since I was about 6 or 7 years old. As large as our universe is it's hard not to believe there is other life out there .
Sep 29th 2007 21:50   
Shrihari Sawant Senior   Consultant
You are doing good thing here and can do more. Keep it up all the best.
Oct 1st 2007 10:57   
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