Amazing Social Network - Rotatrix Friends Network

by Elvan Teguh wibowo
oin this free social network where you will be paid for doing anything you have already done online.

How you can earn money as a member of RFN.
Many people realize that there are numerous ways to earn here, but did you know that they are all dependant on what you personally prefer.
That's right we are the first Online Community to create a way to not only earn by doing one thing such as Socializing or Gaming but you can actually earn by all of the following with more to be added soon:

1. Social Networkers.

Those who enjoy earning money at online Communities can now do so here at RFN with our Company Forced 3X10 100% Matching Bonus Matrix. This means that if you are a person who enjoys getting paid to hang out and chat with your friends online in a Community Setting you can do so here and recieve a percentage of all of the Advertising Revenues Generated by Rotatrix and all of our sites. Yes thats right, not only are you going to earn for the ads you see on RFN, but as Rotatrix grows and continues to add more cool sites you will earn from all of the Advertising Revenues Generated by these sites as well down through 10 levels and every single friend who joins RFN through your referral link you will actually recieve 100% Matching Bonuses on their Advertising Revenue Earnings as well. So if you invited just one person who earned 100.00 every month you would earn 100.00 per month as well as your own earnings. Have 10 friends join who earn 100.00 and you are earning 1000.00. Have 100 friends join who earn 100.00 and you are earning 10000.00. 1000 freinds and you could earn 100,000.00 per month as RFN grows. You wont get rich over night with RFN but if you are an active member and keep inviting your friends for free your earnings as a member of RFN can be much higher than you will ever see anywhere else online as a free member. Remember this is 100% FREE and your friends can all join 100% FREE and you and they will all be able to earn thousands of dollars per month.

2. Gamers.

The number of people playing games on the Internet is rapidly growing at a pace that is 4 times as fast as the growth of the rest of the Internet and it is a multibillion dollar Industry that as a member of RFN you will be able to get a piece of. As a Gamer all you have to do is play games in our Arcade and every time you set and hold a record in any particular game at the end of the month you will be able to earn 20cents per record held.

3. Surfers.

Are you a person who likes to earn money from surfing Traffic Exchanges or PPC programs than our Traffatrix Traffic Exchange is being designed specifically for you. It is a Members owned Traffic Exchange meaning that all you have to do is surf 10 sites per day and any advertising purchased on the site for that day will be divided amongst members who have surfed these sites. Traffatrix is still under development but will prove to be a great way to earn as a member of Rotatrix.

4. Publishers.

Are you a person who has their own site, blog, or anywhere else that you can put a piece of Code so that when someone comes to your site and click on an Ad you can get paid for it. If so then RotatrixFriends AdClicks is for you. This program is free to join and will earn you some extra cash as a set and forget system. Just put a little piece of code on your site and everytime someone clicks on one of our members ads you get paid, you cant get any easier than that.

5. Marketers.

RMS is a site that has been designed for our friends here at RFN who are Marketers and need tools that they can use when promoting their business ventures online such as URL Rotators, Ad Tracking, etc... We have even thrown in a tonne of free Advertising on our sites to go along with the tools we offer and will continue to add to this Marketing Suite. RMS costs just 20.00 every 6 months and is a 2x2 Rotating Matrix System that has the potential to pay out thousands of dollars as you cycle. However, we are not promoting this as a business opportunity as it is more so an opportunity for our members here at RFN to go Gold and recieve an increasing share of Community Earnings as we grow and get additional discounts on things that we choose to bring to the Community. The faster RFN grows and the more members who join the more friends who will upgrade to Gold and therefore the more members will earn from this system.

6. Advertisers.

Yes even Advertisers can earn increasing incomes monthly just by purchasing their Advertising from our Rotatrix Advertising Suite and having their Banners and Text Advertising shown on all of our expanding Network of sites and in high traffic areas of our Community. The Rotatrix Advertising Suite offers the potential to earn thousands of dollars every month just by purchasing highly effective Advertising.

7. Auction Sellers.

Our soon to be released Rotatrix Auction Site is another way that we strive to help you our members earn even more income on the Internet. If you are someone who has a product or service to sell on Auction Sites, you can do so here at RFN and not pay any fees until you have made the sale. Plus if you are an upgraded Gold member at RMS you will even get a major discount on all Auction Fees. Details coming soon!!!

8. Profile Earnings at RFN.

It is also vital to remember that as a member of RFN you not only earn from the Advertising Revenues generated in our Community and all of our sites but you also earn from being able to put Ad Code on your profile pages here at RFN such as RF Adclicks, Google Adsense, The NewsRoom and others, so you can literally earn money every time a member of our Community visits your profile page and with our Community growing faster than most and having more active members than you will find any where else on line your earnings here can be incredible.

Check out my profile at RFN!

9. Founders Club!!!

We are working out the details currently to create a Founders Club for members of RFN who want to work together more closely as a team to help in the direction of RFN growth and we are looking for leaders in every Country or many from each if possible who can help to guide the path that RFN is going to take both now and in the future. Want to help build the biggest and best Online Community on the Net today? If you would be interested in learning more about the Founders Club please send your name to mikeking here at RFN.

10. More options coming soon.

So far there are 8 ways that you can earn an income as a member of RFN which is 7 more ways than any other Community Online Currently offers and we are only just getting started. In the next month or so as we continue to grow and get our Upgraded Community Script that we are waiting for released and tested by our friends here at RFN we will be adding even more ways for you to earn both as a free and upgraded member. We are going to have ways that you can earn here at RFN for doing absolutely everything that you do every day online while providing a Community of friends working together to make Rotatrix Friends Network the most powerful and profitable Community on the Net for years to come.

Note: Upgraded members of RFN who are gold members and have joined or join RMS will automatically get 100% Matching Bonuses and Advertising Revenue Sharing without having to reach 500 or 1000 activity points per month, for the six months that they are upgraded for. However, the more active you are and the more points each member earns the more Advertising Revenue there will be generated to share with all friends here at RFN. Earning points is easy, just be an active member and you will get points for everything you do here at RFN.

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Ruth Baldwin Committed   
Great Blog! I too am a member of RFN ! It is a wonderful community!
Nov 14th 2007 16:39   
Netvangelist Freshman  
It is my sincere belief that this will be "the" Social Networking Community on the Internet - a force to be reckon with. It is a All-In-One Site to meet the needs and whims of every individual on-line in this Web 3.0 Era. A must not to avoid!!!
Nov 22nd 2007 05:02   
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