Adapting a Web Site for Google AdSense Relevancy

by Teodor Muntean Business Consultant

Google's AdSense is a great way for publishers to gain the
chance of making extra money for their online efforts. Unfortunately, this
particular program doesn't always function exactly as it is intended. If ads
appear with a focus that's so far off a website's mark, fixing the issue can be
vital for income potential.

The whole idea behind AdSense ads is to provide publishers with advertising
that's relevant to their websites. The idea is that visitors on a website about
video games are more likely to click through and act on ads about games than
they are on ads about health products, for example. It's wonderful in theory,
but AdSense doesn't always produce as it should.

Steps have been taken to fix issues regarding relevancy, but there are still
things publishers can do themselves to help. Several fairly simple measures can
be taken to increase one's chances of getting cat-related ads on a cat-related website.
Since relevancy can impact revenue, taking a few steps is almost always a good

The first thing that publishers can do is focus on section targeting. This
involves putting code around the most vital parts of a website to ensure that
AdSense reads these parts to fish for relevant ads. It is also possible to
target areas ads should not relate to, such as footers, sidebars and other
content that might not relate to a website's overall focus or that of an
individual post.

Meta tags are considered outdated in some
circles, but they can have an impact on the ability of AdSense to read a page
for relevant ads. With this in mind, it's a good idea to make sure they include
relevant keywords. Meta tags can be found on a
page's source code. If they don't fit the topic at hand, put in words that do.
Bloggers will find this is very easy for them to do when "title tags"
code or Meta tag management plug-ins are used.

While Meta tags can be important, overall
keywords in posts and articles are more so. The idea here is to make sure
keyword focus is clear enough for the bots to read. Make sure they are obvious,
but don't destroy the flow of the content. Having the right works within posts
and articles can simply make it easier for AdSense to scan for relevancy. Brand
names and trade names are perfectly acceptable to use and can result in very
relevant ads.

When writing posts or new content, titles are extremely important. Just as
titles should have keywords included for search engine optimization, they need
to for AdSense, as well.

Other components on a website like pictures can play a role, as well. Although
the importance of picture names to AdSense is a little fuzzy, it doesn't hurt
to ensure they are named with the proper keyword in mind.

In a perfect world, AdSense would work as it was meant to all of the time. It's
not a perfect world, however. A few easy measures can very much help publishers
ensure relevant ads on their websites. It can, also, help increase revenue. If
problems still arise, contact AdSense directly. A little time and patience for
a reply might be required, but the folks behind the program are noted for their
willingness to correct issues.
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