Why are you a Internet Marketer?

by Lisa Lomas
I must say when I found out my "why" to Internet Marketing the heavens opened so to speak.

This week was an exact reason I became an Internet Marketer.

Where have I been may you ask?

I have been on a School Trip with my son.

I have managed to attend a funeral which was a bit of
a distance away.

Tomorrow I go and help the school, in my youngest boys
classroom I go in as parent help.

You may ask?  Have you still made money lisa?  Yes
Have you had to ask anyones permission to have a morning off?  NO
Have you had to ask a boss for a day off? NO

Yes I am a MUM at home, yes I am busy, but my life and my choices are my own, hence that was one great reason for me to be a Internet Marketer.

My "Why" is slightly different!

I would love for my husband not to have to work fulltime!
I would love to be able to move!
I would like to be able to help my family financially!
I want most of all to be DEBT FREE!

I know we all have our "Whys" and reasons, all I am saying is
keep this in mind, Never Quit.  Never make excuses.  Fill the gaps
where you need them.

Concentrate on Quality Not quantity, Concentrate on making solid
relationships online, the money will come.

I know this article is short, but I think the most important part you
should know about anyone is they are real, they do have a life
and the internet is a means to get there. 

I heard something beautiful today that sums it up for me!
"You should enjoy the journey to get to your destination"
For me that says, don't worry about the little things work
on the big picture and enjoy your journey.

(I am terrible with sayings but I am sure you get the main

Thankyou, have a truly rewarding happy day.

Lisa Lomas

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Lisa Lomas Professional   
Oh and today I go and watch my boys at Cross Country, working before I go and when they sleep tonite, cool huh!!! Lisa
Aug 23rd 2007 18:55   
Karen Weir Committed  Local Internet Advertising Consultant
Hi Lisa,

That's a great saying. When you are enjoying the journey, you arrive at the destination in, what seems like, no time flat. It's when the journey is a drag that you start to hear that annoying voice that usually comes from the back seat on long trips... "are we there yet?" LOL It's important to enjoy yourself along the way!

Aug 23rd 2007 22:53   
James Max Senior   Blog Network Community
Hey Lisa,

Those are really great reasons for any parent to get into internet marketing.

And as Karen said, if one holds fast until you get to the top of the mountain - what a beautiful sight to behold!

No 9 to 5 perks can compete with a successful career on your own terms.

To your Awesoem Success,
Aug 24th 2007 19:58   
Lisa Lomas Professional   
Oh yes Max,

Its truly given me more substance in my life. I find with my boys growing so fast I don't want to miss a thing, I did the fulltime job when they were little and boy its so much harder. Of course some have to work, I have been blessed with a supportive husband and this brain of mine, hehehe sometimes i wonder though, ha.
Hence a few late nites but hey I don't have to get up when its cold, lol.
Aug 25th 2007 05:48   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Nice... That's life! I can write a book about LIFE, not about my life, do not be selfish, but including 59 years of life experience, as I was "walking from the valley of death to the sky of life!" Speaking about family... we are very proud Parents of 9 wonderful kids and 7 terrific grandkids!

To Your Life, Family and Business Success,
Teodor and Anisoara

Sep 1st 2007 02:46   
David Schupbach Senior   
Quality before Quantity should be an absolute! D
Oct 10th 2007 05:17   
Teodor Muntean Professional   Business Consultant
Hi MoRambler,
It's obvious that I have the quantity, but do you refer to the quality of my kids? If so, I can tell you about it privately, but I'm not sure about your reference...
Oct 10th 2007 06:03   
Lisa Lomas Professional   
Hi Coach T,

I was sharing my why, it was no reflection on anyone else.
I may not be the best writer but I do try to get the points across
the best I can. I am merely stating the quality of relationships
in my marketing have helped me time and time again.

Nothing I write it meant to offend but merely share where
I am up to, I do write differently simply because I am a
New Zealander and we do have a totally different way of
coming across and speaking, no offence intended at all.
Oct 20th 2007 03:15   
David Schupbach Senior   
Wups! Looks like I gave a wrong impression! I was referring to Lisa's blog, the part about Quality above Quantity. This describes my view of marketing. No offense was intended to anyone. D
Oct 20th 2007 13:39   
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