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Another very important aspect of quantum physics is quantum potential, describing how everything that exists already “potentially” exists in the Universe; everything that exists now, ever existed and ever will exist already exists at least at the quantum potential level, and it is the process of observation, i.e. focussing your attention on something that will cause the quantum potential to shift into quantum reality.

The Universe in which we live is a huge expanse of pure Energy vibrating at varying frequencies from the very highest of The Source down or more specifically outwards to the Universe of physical matter, forming the outer physical shell, the epidermis of the Universe as a whole as observed by science and experienced by the five physical senses. The experience of separateness is nothing more than illusion projected by the way that our physical and inner senses interpret that same Energy.

As mentioned before, the The Source, the Universe, God experiences Him/Her Self by differentiating into the observer and the observed; this is why humans exist as individuations of The Source, The First Cause, of God, and how God experiences and expresses through us as individuated expressions of God.

Just as our senses and Mind interpret the Energy around us, we similarly influence that Energy whether conscious of it or not, and it is that same influence that determines the reality as experienced by each and every person, whether that reality is positive, negative or neutral. Before Energy is observed it therefore exists as probabilities, the very act of observation influencing the Energy to manifest as an actual observable event rather than a mere quantum probability from the quantum potential of the Energy. The importance of quantum physics is discussed more “The Wisdom of Quantum Physics” chapter of this book, and is well worth reading again before reading this chapter.

The Law of Attraction is an extremely important Universal Law, and an aspect of the Law of Cause and Effect or Causation. Understanding and consciously applying the Law of Attraction enables us to manifest anything at all we desire into our individual reality.

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