by Herbert Gordon Internet Marketing Consultant
Quantum physics describes the energetic characteristics of the Universe and therefore the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction. We know from even the most fundamental basis of quantum physics that everything in the entire Universe is pure Energy, differing only in characteristics such as rate of vibration. Quantum physics also acknowledges the fact that Energy is influenced by Energy, and like Energy attracts in accordance with its unique vibration; this is the very basis of how the Law of Attraction works throughout the Universe.

This truth can easily and unambiguously be demonstrated by means of a pair of tuning forks. If one tuning fork is placed a distance from the first fork and the first tuning fork is struck thereby emitting a sound at a certain pitch or frequency, which is in fact vibration, then the second tuning fork some distance away will then start to vibrate at exactly the same rate of vibration, and accordingly the vibrations are attracted to each other. This is a very simple but observable demonstration of how Energy and vibration influence the Universe.

It is also very important to fully understand that Energy simply does not stop when it ceases to become measurable by the restrictions of physical scientific instruments. In fact the extent of the Energy spectrum that can be measured by scientific instruments is extremely small by comparison with the entire spectrum of Energy in the entire Universe, and not just the small, observable, three-dimensional aspects of the Universe.

Energy exists all the way to The Source of all Energy, The First Cause, God, Who exists at the highest frequency of Energy of all. Everything is Energy including thought, we live, evolve and have our being in a thought Universe, and it is therefore the Energy of thought that brings about creation, just as the entire Universe , the ultimate act of creation, started as a thought in the Mind of God, just as everything in the Universe now, including ourselves, are all thoughts in the Mind of God.

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Hi Dr Millionaire,

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I change it back to John Powell the name I was born with.

Today some people in my home town Port Talbot, Wales U/K still call me

My name is John Powell now.


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