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White Tridacna beaded bracelets, calm shell bracelets, white gemstone jewelry
Dec 17 2014 20:46

Brazil natural white tridacna shell bracelets, bali diamond bead bracelets. Peanut pendant charm bracelets, blue chalcedony beads with giant calm shell bracelets. Handcrafted white gemstone bracelets, yoga jewelry, natural white calm beads bracelets. Valentine’s gift, bracelets for her. Bracelets for women.


  •   Bracelets Style: stretch
  •   Gemstone: Tridacna shell
  •   Gemstone colors: White
  •   Gemstone shapes: Round
  •   30 piece round-cut tridacna shell gemstone beads each measure 8mm wide
  •   4 piece blue chalcedony gemstone beads measures 10mm and 6mm
  •   Metal: Alloy
  •   Finish: High polish
  •   Clasp: No
  •   Bracelet dimensions: 14 inches long

Tridacna is one of the rarest organic gems, it is also a Buddhist relics. White tridacna has an unbelievable healing power, it can enhance immunity, keep you from aging, stabilize heart rate, it is also a great treatment for insomnia.


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The gemstone, sterling silver and pearls are test by " Certificate of Gem Identification", we have the test report.