I just met Yves a couple of months ago and was so impressed by his skills with Wordpress that I ended up on a Joint Venture with him. Yves works very hard on every aspect of Wordpress and if he endorses anything that has to do with Wordpress you can bet your bottom dollar that it is worth looking into. If you need assistance, Yves comes highly recommended!
 - ddousharm April 27th, 2012

Well, some might think I'm biased here, since Yves is a French speaking Canadian living in the Quebec province like me. Let me reassure you, I don't write recommendations because of that. I've had the chance to chat with Yves. He's a serious marketer. He showed me some sites and WordPress blogs he built for clients. Not for free, they paid him good money, because he does professional work. I look forward to building a strong relationship him as we combine our strengths.
 - phmoisan March 13th, 2012

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