Pete is one of the good guys with years of experience and knowledge.
 - mrpgn123 December 3rd, 2015

Great for keeping Pete Balasch Jr. ii your hand that share the huge of his experiencies a bout seo and internet marketing Thanks to Pete Balasch Jr for sharing it on apsense
 - hopsense August 1st, 2015

Just keep doing what your doing Pete. Have not been in contact lately so next time you see me on Skype give me a ring.
 - lledslinger September 26th, 2013

If anyone would like to follow a person of great wisdom in the area of Internet Marketing Pete Balasch is true Leader and a person willing to share with those who are similarly motivated. No silver bullets, just sound advice. We met here on Adsense when the site first started
 - cjbart July 18th, 2012

Over the past five years I have found that anything Pete Balasch is involved will be a stellar Opportunity and his guidance for new business persons is invaluable. Follow Pete' lead and good things will come
 - cjbart March 13th, 2012

Pete, you are low profile at the main APSense site. I wonder how many people know you are the admin of the APSense Traffix TE. Some people talk the talk about how successful they are, you let your deeds speak for you. You are a remarkable marketer. You write good copy. How else could one explain your success at getting referrals in many programs? I first got to know about you when I signed up for Traffic Ad Bar after reading your article about it, well, you don't say that, you keep it all a mystery, to make us click on the link, it worked with me. :) I'm happy to see there are members like you who are trail blazers for advertising. I suggest everyone gets to know you, AND observes how you do things, not to imitate you, I tried that once and failed utterly, but instead, to see how marketing is done.
 - phmoisan June 26th, 2011

Coming back online, after 1 year break, I found Pete continuing to be a very active marketer on Apsense and the internet. His marketing and tech skills are very good and helpful for anyone who starts his/her online business (ad)venture!
 - mteodor March 6th, 2011

Hey Pete You are the Best you always have something new and exciting for me to check out i need to find the time because it is always great stuff coming from you. I Look forward to seeing what you have in store for me next It has been great getting to network with you. Cheers *Meekin* 1youcantoo
 - 1youcantoo December 15th, 2010

Wonderful profile here Pete Balasch!... I've been a successful online entrepreneur for 5+ years. Hope your online business venchers are providing financial freedom for you and your family! ? Careece
 - megawealthx October 25th, 2010

Pete,thanks very much for being a friend and for the information that you share on APSense Business Social Network I am in a few business opportunities with you always honest.. Thanks marvinwhiteheadjr
 - marvin60 October 24th, 2010

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