Eric is really a nice person to work with. When he sets a Goal he goes for it! I have seen it, and I am happy and Proud to have him as friend and TeamWorker He is one of my Biggest Downlines and a Good leader!
 - sigske June 17th, 2011

I was active at BizOppers in May. That's where I met Eric. He joined APSense not long after. SInce then, he's been very active, offering advice, sharing his experience. Eric is not just a man of words, he's proactive too. You need tips on safelists, he's one of the people to turn to. Make a suggestion to him, he will make the most of it, and you'll get additional information from him as a result. Not only that, he's humble, very nice, and fun too. I'm very happy that you're here, Eric. :)
 - phmoisan June 12th, 2011

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