Hello Dr Bruno thanks for the connection. I like your rev pages and articles. Good work.
 - zenifer123 February 11th, 2012

Nestled in the gently rolling hills and the scenic nature on top of the escarpment, less than 15 min. away from Guelph, Milton and the 401, sprawls our gorgeous dog boarding facility on 150 acres of land. Our motto is “Dog Boarding done differently” and our goal is to provide a fantastic retreat for your dog’s country vacation. To achieve this goal we have combined cage-free boarding and lots of time and opportunities for your pooch to play with oversized night suites and long walks, all wrapped together in an affordable package.
 - joety001 February 6th, 2012

Although I just know Dr Bruno Calic for a couple of weeks ago, but I know that Dave is a great man. He always post something that helps me in my business and using APSense itself. He always send me message saying that he will helps me.
 - masterqif January 30th, 2012

Thanks for the connection. You doing great job here in APSense. Keep going.
 - ando1997 January 25th, 2012

he is a good men,so warmhearted and always help me.
 - famei January 21st, 2012

You are the father of apsense always here and with good mind.
 - enmoney January 20th, 2012

Dr Bruno had been actively doing his apsense business everyday and I am following how he does things. Very impressive dedication.
 - hdmails918 January 16th, 2012

Impressive credentials, Doc. We're lucky to have a doctor in the house!
 - netgains January 15th, 2012

You are a Doctor Par Excellence on Apsense catering to the needs of knowledge to get financial freedom and helping each and evey one to find the door to happiness . O great Magnate yours is the firs name and profile that comes flashing whenever I open Apsense .Yoou apapear to be every where and daily adding freinds advising ,discussing ,commenting and guiding those need help. People have spoken in glowong terms about you and I feel honored to be in your contact list could you guide me ?
 - vpsmalhotra January 15th, 2012

You are very knowledgeable and very good friend. You are always ready to help. Thank you.
 - angelcokaranfilov January 11th, 2012

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