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Features of a typical Web Marketing Strategy:

  1. Provides a future direction to internet marketing activities with clear responsibilities
  2. Involves analysis of company’s external environment and internal resources
  3. Involves setting of internet marketing objectives that support overall marketing plan
  4. Provides a planned approach to integrate off-line and online marketing activities
  5. Involves selection of options and activities to achieve online marketing objectives and success
  6. Allows to measure internet marketing efforts to improve effectiveness
  7. Specifies how resources will be deployed and the company will be structured to achieve the objectives
  8. Allows for budgetary control

At Web Strategy Marketing, when formulating a plan and options for our clients, consideration is given to much more than just the development of a new web site or redesign of the existing one.  Although this is part of Web Marketing Strategy, other broader issues such as driving targeted traffic, list building, e-mail and database marketing as communication and relationship-building tools form an essential part.  Further consideration is given to integration with other marketing activities and redesigning of some business processes to integrate with partners such as suppliers and distributors in new ways.

The integration of a Web Marketing Strategy into business and marketing strategies represents a significant challenge for many small and medium businesses, in part because they may have traditionally considered the Internet in isolation and in part because of the lack of awareness of the implications of the internet for change at an industry level and within the company.

Through the proven and tested practices of consulting, mentoring and education, Web Strategy Marketing works with YOU to implement the plan and guide you through the necessary changes to achieve business objectives.

The primary aim of our solution is to empower you to be the change agent yourself by passing on and sharing our knowledge & expertise so you can continue to use it long after our engagement comes to an end.

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