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Kanboro Tech ecube Wax and Thick Oil eNail Full Kit
Dec 28 2017 04:50
The ecube is the new flagship eNail from Kanboro Tech.  They took what they had learned from manufacturing eNails for other popular brands and added some clever innovations of their own. The ecube uses a 4 mm removable and replaceable ceramic heating rod that connects via 2 gold plated pins to ensure a good connection.   Another difference from most other eNails out there is the larger size of the nail itself.  The unit comes with a Titanium, a Ceramic, and a Quartz nail ranging in size from 14.5 mm to 16 mm in diameter.  The glass bubbler attachment is also a two piece unit to make filling and cleaning much easier.  The ecube uses a rechargeable 18650 high drain rechargeable battery that is not included with the kit.