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About our Business

University cancer center is Award winning cancer care treatment centers located in Houston, Huntsville, Brenham and Pasadena, Texas. Our staff specialized in Radiation Oncologist,   Mark A DíAndrea, who provides unique comprehensive treatment options to all patients. We offer a wide range of diagnostic imaging, testing and screening for adult and children.

At University Cancer Centers, we have made it our mission to stay current with the latest treatment methods and are able to offer customized cancer care. Our radiation therapy is secure and designed to target cancerous cells and tumors with minimal damage to healthy tissues and organs. Our physicians assess each diagnosis, the patientís overall health and take other factors related to cancer into account. Depending on the patientís overall needs, he/she may solely receive radiation therapy or in combination with other treatment modalities.

When seeking a physician or second opinion cancer Treatment, University Cancer Center has the physicians you need to help you on the road to recovery. Our physicians have been featured in medical journals and have been nominated for a variety of awards based on current and previous patient feedback.

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