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Hi ! I own a retail candle business. Just got started up in Nov. It's called CANDELICIOUSCENT.SCENT-TEAM.COM. retail Mia Bella Scent Sations candles & they r awesome! I am having a great time w/ this. There are so many different ways to make money. There is direct selling (ofcourse), fundraising, craftshows (my favorite), seminars, home parties, book parties, online parties, & many other ways! It's only limited by your imagination. The best thing is I get to run the business from home & my children get to help me & be involved. They love it! If any of you have any questions or know anyone else who would be intereted in information on how to start your own home candle busines it's a very small start up cost. Just give me a call or email me at 856-282-7553 or

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Chris Agostarola
Pine Hill, United States
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