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The website I am saying is like a sharing website.you have to upgrade your membership for one month which cost $10 then you are premium member  after that get refferals and say them to upgrade their account and you get $5 for each refferals every month and if you cannot get refferals then no need worry there is a option of buying refferals and one refferal cost $1 for whole life time and if you have 100 refferals then you can earn $500 per month.The payment is issued on 15th or 30th of every month.You can have unlimited refferals also.Earn simply money every month.I had 5 refferals bought and I earned $25 and you can see my payment proof and it is a legit site and paying also

 Everyone thinks as it is scam but it is not I have proof becuase I got payment and you check the below link you can see my paymrnt proof


If anyone want to join this site then e-mail me and I will help you because at first it is difficult to get or buy referrals and I will help you to get some
my e-mail id is 

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