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Mar 3 2012 09:32

What is SWOM?


Swom stands for Super Word-of-Mouth and is a social networking sites for home-businessses that gives you the tools to achieve your financial destiny. These include:


Meet new prospects - thousands of internet marketers meet here - they can be you next customer or Joint-Venture partner!

Create your own group - give exposure of your business or opportunity and meet new customers.

Twitter link - post messages to Twitter directly from Swom - put your marketing on auto-pilot!

Affiliate program - generous 70% payout on commissions in an advanced social networking affiliate program!


Learn as you earn and start building an income from day one. You can earn a full-time income promoting Swom or your own opportunities - with time and dedication you can earn a realistic 4, 5 or even 6-figure sum each and every month!

How do I make money with Swom?


It's simple. When you join Swom, you are given a personalized referral link. You can use this to refer friends, family and colleagues to Swom and receive commissions if they subsequently upgrade. We make it easy to refer by offering free tools such as an email contacts importer.

The Swom website has special marketing materials on it which sells itself, and has been carefully optimized to give the best results. It is also a social network with an incredible community so our conversion and retention rates are very high compare to the industry average. New members are often surprised with the level of community participation we have at Swom. All you have to do is spread the word and tell people to visit your unique Swom referral page. We deal with everything else, including order processing and aftersales services. You just bring people to the website, and collect the checks!


How much can I earn?


As much as you like! There are 5 main ways of earning commissions:


- $15 Instant Referral Bonuses

- Ongoing Residual Referral Bonuses

- 'Gold Evangelist' Bonuses

- Community Participation Bonuses

- Gaining visibility for your own opportunities


You can read more about these in the next few questions.


You can quickly earn commissions by referring new Gold members. With time and dedication, you can build thousands of connections that can earn you a significant income that would be the envy of any doctor or banker. In some cases, it is possible to earn a five, six or even seven figure income, just by working from home!


Some people prefer to socialize and participate in community discussions - whatever you prefer to do, Swom rewards you with both commissions and community recognition.


But hurry... before your downline beats you to it! 

See you in the members area!