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The Active Hive LLC:

A Collective Consciousness, analogous to the behavior of social insects, whereupon a group of people become aware of their commonality and thus begin to think and act as a Collective Community, sharing their knowledge, thoughts, and resources, actively progressing toward a Common Goal. The concept of The Active Hive LLC is based on leveraging Network Marketing, TeamBuilding, Social Engagement, Online/Digital Advertisements, Brand Building and The Hive Mind Concept, into a Customized Personal Path To Success.

The Hive Mind Concept:

The Hive Mind Concept is part of the innovation vision, uniquely designed, to optimize professional partnerships through social networking, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, traffic generation, bitcoin, crypto-currency, site/product reviews and launch dates along with web design/development and optimization, merging the community together under the umbrella of The Active Hive LLC, forming one communal portfolio. Contribute to the growth of the Hive by submitting or suggesting relevant content to our ever expanding Hymenoptera. 

The construction of The Active Hive LLC has been a long time coming, with it's concept and construction beginning in February of 2016. Identifying and making relevant, powerful partners, in congruent niches, was Phase 1. The collection and creation of assets was Phase 2. We are now in Phase 3 ,  the introduction of our Hive Mind Concept. Phase 4 will be the Official Launch of our Asset Platforms, and any Affiliated Brand Partners across multiple media outlets, in a massive advertinsing and social brand blitz. 

A growing list of retail, traffic, distribution, social partnerships and a powerful team of designers and coders, will allow us to offer unprecedented leveraging of your brand. Whether you want to Shop and Save, Connect With The Hive Mind Community, Build Your Own Brand or Grow Your Existing Network, The Active Hive LLC is uniquely designed to position your offers optimally.

Design the online experience you've always wanted, at your pace, from the ground up. Every brand is different, every person is unique and our platform offers the opportunity to build whichever way works best for you, while at the same time benefitting from a community portfolio of reviews. discounted offers. and our Advanced Network Traffic services. Learn to earn from community rated professionals in your niche, or become one yourself at NewBee University.  

What We Offer:

Hiverr - List Your Product Or Services

The Social Hive - Make Your Brand Social 

The Affiliate Hive - Community Selected Portfolio

The Merchant Hive - E-Commerce Distribution Partners

The Marketing Hive - Community Tested Marketing Suite

The WebMaster Hive - Ad Networks And Site Optimization

NewBee University - Crypto Currency Education And Training

Hive Coins Club - Exclusive Team Of Sponsors, Investor And Founders

Hive Bounties - Complete The 'Honey Dew' List And Receive Onsite Credit 

The Active Hive LLC Assets:

The Active Hive - E-Commerce, Web Design, Traffic, Community Reviews.

The Active Hive Tripleclicks - E-Commerce, Auctions, Affiliate Program.

Hive Hosting - Domains, Hosting, SSL, SEO, E-Mail, Privacy And Protection.

MoreBux - (Paid To Click) Text, Grid, Solo, Co-Op, Banner And  Rotator Ads. Refback Offers, Referral Builder And PTP Referral Builder Page.

MoreBuxFaucet - FREE Bitcoin Faucet

Several final upgrades, revisions, and additions are being introduced now as we prepare for the official launch. Any Under Construction element, and several new elements, will be completed prior to final launch.

Get Involved Now And Position Yourself For Success When We Officially Launch!


The Active Hive LLC

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