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Mathieu Gagnť
Hull, Canada
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thceehc little King Industry shop
May 11 2008 18:24

It's come to the understanding of everything from the power of a King we all know we want it's all but with the King you can because it's make hat you want when you want, Have faith from that the situation come from what you want and belong for what you have it's the only way to have fun all the time, people don't mind but they want to do what we did and that a stop we know what happened and we don't want no w√†more will be not in what we want, that why by downloading and printing what is the power and will of a king i found out own to stop the pane at the spot the thing you want is from that you from people to people we would be obligated to live in what we don't like for √©ternity this made it a stop and that why they don't want what they say there like us, i did everything and i hate the King, to protect everyone and it works we just save them by doing what we did and they like it even better that why doing everything everybody did is still open and will be open forever. Well i like doing thing for you i like making the point and i like been we you all that why everything we see is true because you know there nice people and will get to does Ball, Games, Invinbily, Ghetto what we created and what we want all the time because it's the only way we want to live and we can make all those thing we want without waiting. Wel i like playing with you and having fun like doing style, puting the worlds to is place Like All togheter and we all look the same. Have fun and don't forget to be treated like the King. So how much do we worth I don't everything tell me, i need to found out don't matter we know what we say don't worry about that it over and we are in the right place to have fun. That the right thing to do right, love you have fun. Mathieu Gagn√©