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Jan 22 2011 13:25
Earn with Sitetalk Unaico a swedish company launches Site Talk about a year ago and now they are growing faster then face book.Site Talk is similar like Face Book and both have same features but there is a huge difference between them which I will tell you later on this page. First of all I want you to become a site talk member, It is so simple to become a Site Talk member just open the the site and register yourself there and use site talk same as Face Book. But the question is, why you register yourself there and start using sitetalk. Most people think that they do not interested because they have face book portfolio and they have so many friends there and why they bring their friends on site talk. Well as I earlier said that there is a huge difference between them, Now I will tell you the Big advantage of using site talk. As you know face book is very populer among the people, people make friends there from all over the world.They interchange there views on different topics and also get knowledge from face book and know from Site Talk. Face book earning is in billions but they donot share the profit, the main theme behind the Site Talk project is to share the income with there sitetalk members. Any person who is more then 13 years of age is eligible to become a Site Talk member.First of all click the link to become  a sitetalk member and start making friends as quickley as possible and build a team. You can register your friends and family in Site Talk and also send the invitations to your internet friends. Once you start doing this you start earning. Unaico will provide you your profit on weekly bsis and once you signup in Site Talk you will automatically register in Unaico. They will provide you your profit for active members. The direct members which you make and the members in your pipeline are also making money for you. I will explain in steps. 1-   SIGNUP OR REGISTER   2-     After registration visit the company site Unaico with the login information same as site talk. 3-    You will see at the bottom of the right side there is your account details.         1- Online Account Balance         2- Mandatory Account Balance         3- Earnings Balance         4- OFC Account Balance         5- Your Team Member Count         6- Your SiteTalk Member Count It will show your Site Talk members count as you register your first member. Send them the link which site talk provides you for example you choose your user name trustali then your link become you are also becomes a team member of trustali. Which has a big plus for you as he makes other friends they will become below your pipeline along with yours. Your tree will start to grow and your work is to grow as much as you can. Every member of your team which signup with your link or your team leader(trustali) making friends and signing upothers will also be under your pipeline. Simple is that every member which is under your tree will make members for you. You can understand better when you visit UNAICO site. After signing in the unaico click Genealogy where you find the complete details such as 1- Your network tree.                                Here you can see a tree where you is on top of the tree and as you register you family and friends in sitetalk your tree will begin to grow. Any of your member along with you who register a new member will become under your pipeline and your tree become bigger and bigger. The members will only have to use sitetalk twice a week to remain active as they use face book. people are earning hugh amounts and now is the time to earn because now its growing faster then face book. Remember don” try to make both legs of your tree just register 5 person on both side and then work on 1 leg other will make by us, I mean your team leader and you can this by checking your tree. 2- Your Personal Site Talk Members.                                                        Here you can see the details of your active and inactive site talk members. From here you can have an idea of your income because you have to buy unaico membership of 150 Euros. Don”t worry first make friends then visit your personal Site Talk members, you have an idea of your incom. after making a good tree below in your pipeline then you can buy this and start earnings. 3- Your Projected Earning.                                        Here you can find your projected earnings. It make your work easy to buy a Unaico membership. 4- Your Placement Sponsorship                                                Here you can select the leg on which you work, just go there you see default to set and select right or left leg ten click enter network placement. 5- UNAICO Membership.                                        After gatting the Unaico membership the daily earning will be shown on the bottom of your screen and you can cash your money from card(provided by unaico)at any time because they pay you on weekly basis. Another benefit is the company will retusrn 50 Euros as share in your name you can also find it at the bottom of your Unaico page. But remeber you have to use sitetalk Unaico is the company who provides the benefit. Work on Site Talk and see your progress in At the end simply register yourself in sitetalk and make your portfolio there and then make friends. Remember registered them with your link. Then use SiteTalk like face book and enjoy earnings. Try to register as much as friends on SiteTalk. If you have any question to ask contact me on this Email.tayyab245@gmail.comwish You Good Luck   : .  

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