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I hope your day has been good so far.

Thanks for your interest here.

Let me say up front that "Hype" and
Hi-pressure salesmanship is NOT my style.

All I want to do here is simply show you
a couple of things that have worked for me
to bring in some extra cash for us here
in our household.  OK? 

Extra cash is good - right? RIGHT!

Why should you listen to me?  Well, that's
up to you but most of the hucksters out
there are NOT going to really help you. 
THAT is for sure.  Hey, take what I say
with a grain of salt if you want to but
if you really want to improve your
monthly cash flow, give me a fair hearing.

Back in 2000, the company that I worked for
hired a new Manager and he decided to do
away with my position.  So after 19 years
of service and one year before retirement
elgibility, they laid me off in what was
called a RIF.  (Reduction In Force) 

I was devestated. What now? 

I negotiated a contract position in
another department for $20,000 less
per year just so I could stay in the
retirement system one more year
and I started my home business. 

I am not a multi-millionaire but
I AM retired now and much better off 
than I would have been if I had stayed
in my old position back there in 2000.

My primary home business has changed. 
Here is the company website
and some contact info.



(Look at the Opportunity)
(Look at the Easy Steps)

Here is where you can get a 30 day free
trial of the flagship product and see what you think.

I use other Marketing and Prospecting
Systems like StartXchange, GDI, APsense, and DM
that are all also additional streams
of income for me. I can show you how.

I'm open right now to helping
one or two other people get to
where I am and better.

If this sounds interesting to you,
please let me know as soon as possible. 

I don't want too many at one time.

Yours in Financial Freedom,

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