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The principle that 8KAWeek is founded on has been taught in modern business schools for decades. It is a foundational element that every successful entrepreneur incorporates. Those that fail to master this one concept will fail in business every time. So true it has become a popular acronym K-I-S-S, which David changed to "Keep It So Simple" You?ve heard it before right? Of course you have and for good reason, It makes people wealthy! The brightest minds in business have learned that the clearest path to profits is by simplifying systems. Let us give you an example. You know the hamburger franchise with the golden arches? In 2007 they did over twenty two billion in sales worldwide. Not bad considering the average franchise is run by teenagers. This is a prime example of how simplifying things can result in staggering financial rewards when your business plan is clear and your systems are simple. Ask any successful online marketer what their most valuable asset is and they will tell you their list. Building a well targeted and responsive opt in list is likely the most important thing you can do to build a business whether you are affiliate marketing or network marketing. 8KAWeek offers a product that every online marketer needs, a product that assists you in building the coveted opt in list mandatory to generating sales. Our customizable lead capture pages provide a simple yet powerful tool to generate leads or sales for ANY business or product. We have made it easy to create a customized lead capture page complete with an intelligent auto-responder allowing you the opportunity to build your list and follow-up with interested prospects. This lead capture system can also be used as a sales letter page or squeeze page promoting any product or service enabling non technical users to create professional looking pages easily. There is no HTML experience needed to create pages as we have developed an easy to use interface all administrated through your web browser. Welcome: https://36106166.8kaweek.net
 - swock February 18th, 2010