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The 10k Team
Aug 22 2010 15:01

From: Jason Wise, Creator of The10KTeam

RE: $10,000 a Month Residual Income With The10KTeam

Teams..They are EVERYWHERE you look online. You may even be a member of one or more of them!

There are some great benefits to being part of a team and some not so good benefits. The 10KTeam has took the best parts of teams and got rid of the not so good and has put together a solid plan to get you on the path to $10,000 or more a month as soon as you join.

With The10KTeam YOU benefit from YOUR work and you also benefit from the efforts of all the active members on the team! You should be rewarded for work you do today and not have to wait weeks, or in most cases, months, to start reaping the benefits of promoting a site. 

Most teams online require you to join their program under a team member to participate. At The10KTeam you do not have to switch sponsors or take a second account. 

The great part about The10KTeam is that it helps you promote your websites PLUS it gives you the opportunity to earn income from 10+ additional income streams!

With our system, you are going to learn how to get PAID to promote your site using:

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Scott Douglas



"Jason has put together a truly unique Team Building
program. The10KTeam is not about building someone else's
program, but building your own program and making
money while doing it!

It's the very best of both worlds brought together in one
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