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This discovery, never before evident in our industry, will change everything! A gentleman, who knows the Network Marketing industry well, has discovered a system within a system. His astute knowledge of numbers and compensation plans, lead him to a discovery of epic proportions. His vision is a system that guarantees more success for all participants.  One of his partners, Mr. Allen Flint, made the comment, ?The solution is in the system.?  This line would generate sleepless nights, however in the end, (and perhaps through divine intervention) the outcome would be an answer that is capable of producing results that can only be called ?unfathomable?.


First, let?s give you some basic history of how the traditional Multi-Level Marketing system plays out. When you sign up into a system, you get trained to put together your list of people to contact, and you are told to not exclude your friends and family. You call everyone, hoping they will come and see this remarkable plan that you discovered. They come, and some get the picture and some don?t. Those that do, you get them started, but before long, they realize that they aren?t you, and so they stop getting signups, or maybe they never signed up anyone to begin with. Their guilt builds on you, and the paradigm once again is broken.


Today, I would like to introduce Mr. Steven D Shook; he has been in network marketing since 1998 while supporting his full time career of nearly 20 years in the USA Air Force. His days with the USA Military are quickly coming to a close, as he has developed a perpetual people generator to retire his second career. His system is now being called Equal Level Marketing (ELM) by his colleagues, and the developers of the system software. What he has discovered will likely change the paradigm of networking. His system will challenge every person?s old school tactics, new school systems, and the disappointment of being at the bottom of the matrix. He has discovered what many have overlooked. When he brought all the clues to the table that didn?t work, and decided to solve the ?WHY? answer to every one of those problems, out popped the solution. The solution could have been discovered by anyone, or possibly has been, but was never brought forward until now.


?         How would you, as a network marketer, like to have people fighting over the last position in the matrix?

o   They will be.


?         Are you tired of riding a wave as a solution, only to have that wave die out, before you ever get on board?

o   No need to worry as this is the virtual wave of the future!


?         How would you like to be able to diversify your funds, and not have to worry about who you brought into a system?

o   You will be!


?         Last but not least, how would it be to know that you are in the right place at the right time, regardless of when you first hear about it?

o   Well everyone can now stand up on their own pedestal and say they are!


Excitement will not diminish from the day of launch to the years that follow. There will be folks from all walks of life talking about this clear into the future. Let your attention be drawn to where the information will be flowing like a river: http://www.teaminfinitydownlineclub.socialgo.com

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