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About our Business

 The core of the business, is the ZENLA Project. We are aiming high, and the fundamental belief that drives us is that the human being has everything needed to succeed in life. We belive that the main tool to succeed, is what we usually call TALENTS or NATIVE SKILLS.

Unleashing the talents, ultimately means unleashing creativity.

But this means activating the right emisphere of the human brain.

It is well known that we use at most 5% of our brain's functionality.

The question is: WHY?

We belive that everyone has talents and further more, after over 35 years of reserarch, we found that any human being has at least 3 talents, developped up to a certain point.

What stops then us to be successful in life?

After chasing the answer for over 40 years, we belive that we found it. And the answer is given also in the Holy Bible, even if it sounds amazing and perhaps impossible!

The answer is: THE LANGUAGE WE USE.

Scientists have discovered that:

the human being is driven mostly by its subcounscious mind;

the subcounscious mind works ONLY with affirmations.

So, a very obvious and simple question arises out from those above:

How come that we use negations in our language, since the main engine of the human being the subcounscious mind is unable to handle negative sentences?!?

In 2007, I published a book that changed my life, called at that time “Inner Rhythms” and now, “The Beginning of The Journey”.

Later, in 2008, has been published a printed version of it, written in the ZENLA Zero Negations Language. The first book ever, written WITHOUT ANY NEGATION.

So, we might say that the Zero Negations Language has been born in 2008.

From that point on, we wrote and published more than 16 books in ZENLA, published articles, essays, developped the ZENLA Project and built the online infrastructure for a community, to enable us share the benefits of this new self-development tool.

For now, the goal is to write as many books as possible, to prove the value of this language. We belive that it is better than NLP, which ignores exactly the fact underlined here: THE SUBCOUNSCIOUS MIND WORKS ONLY WITH AFFIRMATIONS!

All NLP literature is common literature. It contains tons of negations, as any other literature, so far.

The books written in ZENLA, are addressing directly the subcounscious mind, since it is written in ITS NATIVE LANGUAGE!

This opens the possibility for the human brain to unblock the communication between the left and right emisphere of cerebrum, through corpum callosum, communication that is almost ceased for many centuries, due to the usage of negations in thinking, speaking and writing.

It openes the possibility to balance the energies that flow through the human brain, instead of being blocked at this level, by its extreme polarisation.

The perception of duality, resides in the way the human brain works. As long as we will use negations, we will perceive the world as a dual, conflictual reality.

ZENLA offers the solution to pass over, and move far beyond this bareer.

It is an opportunity opened to all humanity.

Now, we can change the world. If we want to. If WE CHOOSE TO.

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?erban is the best teacher I ever had. Beside being a friend, he did so much for me ! So I like to thank him again for everything he does for me and for others as well.
 - elenivis December 8th, 2011

Serban is my advisor, with his I could find my best talents and to begin to profit them, because their talents are as a motor or as a wellspring of energy that benefits both as one thousand and others around me . Thank you Serban than this, I seek to learn from you how to be persistent, scheduled, eager to produce value to this world despite the difficulties, obstacles and needs.
 - petrucodric July 23rd, 2011