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B2B Telemarketing, Offshore Outsourcing
Jul 21 2010 05:01

Octagon is a 10 year young global outsourcing company with a focus on creative design, prepress and web development services. Our primary production office in India is staffed with a strong team of 150+ professionals possessing rich domain experience. Our client list includes a number of large international Publishing houses and a couple of Fortune 500 companies.


We provide Illustration and Design services, Artwork services, eBook Conversion, Typesetting/Composition and Proofreading services ( We also provide Web Design and Development, Ecommerce Web Development, Web Promotion, SEO, Social Networking, CMS, and programming services (PHP, Joomla, Flash, Java, .NET). For details on these services and prices, you can visit us at and also Octagon helps you release stress by taking care of the everything that does not require your physical presence. Right from airline ticket and seat reservation to sending chocolates, from buying groceries to arranging a bedtime story teller for your child, we do it all. We fill in the shoes of your personal assistant, economically. Letting us handle your chores will give you freedom to attend to more important tasks.