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Sep 28 2013 07:23
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Traiborg System
Sep 27 2013 10:25
WHAT IS TRAIBORG SYSTEM MULTI ROTATOR MARKETING?* It is an exclusive system of announcements of text and image, displayed in rotation on all pages of the TRAIBORG community.* Each ad has a cost of only $100 (plus tax only for Spain) and Paypal fees, you pay only once for life and you can edit as many times as desired, being visible for all internet pages to being indexed in all the search engines.* The Community Traiborg shared with advertisers for 85% bonus through a money generating system, sustainable indefinitely and fed on 3x2 matrices (small) of only 12 positions are independent and rotating arrays for life on three levels different. Each ad purchased will automatically create a position in the matrix of the member and you can buy as many ads as you wish.Here we give an explanation about how to works Traiborg System Multi Rotator Marketing:- When a member of Traiborg decides to buy an ad network system, it automatically creates a matrix for the Bronze level with its first position and has access to all the tools in your Back Office where you can edit your ad, activate and view same statistics.- From this moment, as other members to buy ads, "means, each ad position" are placed in the system matrices from left to right and from the matrix 1 to infinity.- All matrices, at three levels, are rotating lifetime and positions are filled, meaning that, in each matrix is calculated the number of ads purchased. For example, a person who buys ads thirteen (you + 12 positions) completes first array automatically going to the second level (you'll understand later).- Traiborg System Multi Rotator Marketing has established a compensation system for all members who purchase one or more Sistem ads as shown below: BRONZE LEVEL:As is placed under direct your position three positions in the first line of Matrix, earn 20 euros for each position that you can withdraw immediately, individually or the sum of 60 euros. Then you have to wait to fill the second line of the matrix with nine positions, and will be when you complete your first Matrix, then you win another 100 euros, plus a new position on the same level with a BRONZE and advance to the second level position named Silver. SILVER LEVEL:As you follow the first three positions of the Bronze level, you earn 200 euros that you can withdraw immediately. Then you have to wait another nine positions follow the second line of Bronze to Silver level then taking a full array Silver level. You want 700 euros euros that can withdraw immediately, a new position at the Silver level and moves you at the same time with a Gold level position. GOLD LEVEL:At this level, the same thing happens at other levels. As you follow the top three is when you receive 800 euros in your Virtual Office that you may withdraw immediately. Now you have to wait nine people follow the second line (at the Gold Silver level) and this completes your first GOLD matrix level and win 4000 euros that you can withdraw immediately, as well as a bonus gift of a computer LAPTOP-worth about 800 euros approximately, receiving it in the place you specify. Besides all this, you get your Virtual Office 300 euros, which only can be used to give 3 positions 3 people who do not have financial resources to become part of the wonderful and unique Traiborg System. But it's all because you also get back another position at the same level that is also rotating GOLD lifetime. And, as the first Matrix have GOLD level-to be completed rotating arrays for life-you already have in the Bronze level of about 12 working matrices which 3 of them will be completed and will advance to the second level.Note that this is only for a payment of 100 euros - plus taxes, plus lifetime. There is no possibility of play or lose, just a matter of time. No additional fees or other payments or hidden. You just met a unique opportunity that you should not miss. What are you waiting? ... Join this great project called TRAIBORG SYSTEM ... This is your opportunity. Make The Most!!!!

R.M.W Rapid Money Wheel!!!
Sep 27 2013 10:22
FINALLY THE LONG-AWAITED SYSTEM: R.M.W the Rapid Money Wheel!!!¿WHAT IS?You buy advertising space for only 5 euros to publish your business, company or what you consider, and take part of the Wheel 5X3 to generate interesting and/or important gains.(As you know the advertising it is important to obtain good results. Your advert will be in rotation on the social network, and can be seen by people who are not registered in Traiborg because the pages are indexed in all search engines)¿HOW DOES IT WORK?As you can see in the picture you are located in the center of the Wheel, you earn money from referrals of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd circle, having a new Wheel again as soon as the first one was completed.Each Wheel allows you to earn 405 euros,... ¿do you imagine with 5, 10, 50,... WHEELS? 2000, 4000, 20000, ETC... Euros per Month!!!¿WHY TRIPLE BENEFIT?In the first place by the results of your own ad visible by the social network and all over the internet.The second one because you take part in the program R.M.W where 100% is re-spilled to the proper advertisers.Thirdly, because you are positioned in the exclusive Traiborg System where you'll have an announcement for life and also where you will participate in 85% in commissions.¿WHAT I HAVE TO DO?Participate and only select 5 people that you want are your direct and help them to also take their 5,... ¿is it too much work to be able to Live of Revenues?... ¿would these 2000, 4000, 20000 euros extra per month in the form of income residual or passive help you to have a Great Quality of Life?...INFORMATION R.M.W: GENERAL INDEX: ¡¡¡IT'S WHAT YOU WERE WAITING... YOU CAN'T MISS IT!!!...

Social Media Resource Center!!!
Sep 27 2013 10:15
Simultaneously Multi-Social Connects You with others Through Multiple Social Networks Fusing the Best Concepts in Only One: Economic and Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Leadership,… CLICK NOW:   SKYPE: financialworldgroup 

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