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0.26mm 3D shatter-proof Tempered Glass Screen Protector with butterfly relief paintings for iPhone 6
May 4 2015 23:08

1. Compatible with: iPhone 6 plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4.
2. Material: tempered glass.
3. Thickness: 0.26mm. 
4. Surface hardness: 9H.
5. Border edge: round edge 3D.  
6. Color: Gold / Silver butterfly relief paintings.



1. HD transparence; 
2. High scratch resistant; 
3. Strong impact resistance;  
4. Strong adsorption capacity;
5. Easy to paste;
6. Easy wipe and clean;
7. Ultrathin design;
8. Efficient anti-fingerprint;
9. Touch more agile;
10. Can be better to protect your eyesight.

Compared with Normal Tempered glass screen protector

Using Japan imported toughened glass membrane materials, make the product is much different than the normal tempered glass screen protector.

1.High definition & transparency: Optical transmittance, low reflection, appearing high definition and  transparency , display effect is much clear than the normal tempered glass screen protector (light  transmittance almost 100%)

2.Touch smoothly: Using advanced 3 D (cambered surface) process, shatterproof, feel more smooth and    operated more fluently. oothly: Using advanced 3 D (cambered surface) process, shatterproof, feel more  smooth and operated more fluently.

3.Material: Nano coating+toughened glass membrane+explosion-proof layer+imported silicone coating

4.Explosion-proof: High buffer ability, without fragments, strong integrity.

5.Light transmittance: 99.99% light transmittance, make a perfect color display.

6.Hardness: 9H hardness, High strength & anti scratch proof

7.Sensitive reaction: Nano coating, and Thin thickness just 0.26mm. Touch sensitive without any wrong  operation.

8.Easy Automatic laminating: Using of high-quality anti-static adsorption material, make the products easy    to installation, convenient operation, to joint LCD screen automatically adsorption without air bubbles. 

9.Nice look: with Novel and attractive relief paintings design, make you mobile phone special. Different      paintings and colors optional.

10.Eyesight protection: Super transparent, the eye is not easy to fatigue when use for a long time, better    protection.

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