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YOBSN Is The Future! Come Join The Wave.
Feb 14 2012 12:08

Smart Media/YOBSN has introduce one of the MOST powerful concepts ever to hit the online social community world with our new Smart Point and Prize Entries technology.


Smart Points

Smart Points is a new and extremely exciting concept.


Think about it… Your free members go to Your Own Branded Social Network, and just by clicking the Daily Prize Instant Win box, they WIN Smart Points.


Everyone WINS Every Day!

That’s right, every person who clicks will WIN Smart Point at least one Smart Point every day!


The Smart Points can be used to:

  • Buy things from our Smart Points online shop
  • Play games in our special skill-based games section
  • Enter competitions and Sweepstakes


The Smart Points system will be introduced very soon after we start the Free Member registrations.

The online shop, special games and sweepstakes will take a little longer to be ready although the programming is close to being completed now.


It works like this:

  • Free Members can go to Home Page Pays every day and click on the Daily Instant Prize to find out how many Smart Points they win that day
    • They can only click once a day
  • Free Members can accrue Smart Points while we are getting the online shop, special games and sweepstakes ready 
    • Once we introduce these, they can start spending all of their Smart Points on entertainment, music and other products that they love 
    • Enter competitions to play against other members  
  • We will have a variety of games for all ages, action games, educational games, puzzles and much more!  
  • Free Members will also receive Smart Points just for using the system 
    • Wherever they go on the Internet and within YOBSN, they will be earning Smart Points 


Prize Entries:

This system is a similar formula to the Smart Points. The free member goes to the website every day and clicks on the daily, weekly and monthly prize boxes. They will win one or more prize entries in each drawing. Everyone wins every day!


The first prizes we will be starting with are:

  • Ipod Nano for the weekly prizes  
  • Acer Netbook for the monthly prizes 

We will also be adding quarterly & annual prize drawings with more great prizes.


Just imagine the buzz that will spread across the Internet world with these exciting concepts.... and this is all FREE!


Louis Harvey