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My Wife and I are niche marketers. This started is September of 2007 after 21 years at Siemens as a system support engineer my project moved to Bulgaria. Well needless to say my Wife and I were not going to move out of the good ol' USA. So we started searching the Internet for other ways to make money for home. After a few Multi-Level Marketing companies and the ride up and back down. We decided to go for something a little more stable. This has led to niche marketing and trust me there is a learning curve but the income is stable. We have had to learn SEO and how to build website and how to make use of googles content search to get our sites on the first page of the search keywords. It was tough but we are having a lot of fun doing it.

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Sep 30 2010 10:45

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Sep 30 2010 10:38

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Plastic Model Airplane Kits.
Sep 30 2010 10:33

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Renegade Network Marketing
Aug 10 2007 18:17

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Dave, Thanks for the Rev on the 57 Chevy - my favorite car! Impressive listings on the site - imagine, almost $100K for one! Bookmarked! BelAir and Nomad, baby!
 - pearson6 August 28th, 2010


Dave Nettles
Loxahatchee, United States
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If you have an interest in niche marketing you can save a lot of time by making use of all the information on my Business at Home Blog! http//blog.businessathomeincome.com/ The resources many of which are free will get you up and running and making money without burning the bank account. Some of the paid services you will encounter are what we use and recommend.