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  • What is Svior company and what offers to their members?

Svior website is a complex and social marketing platform which is constantly evolving and providing advertising services on the Internet.  It is important to mention that the Svior website has a very good Alexa* rating. The Site offers its members a wide range of opportunities to earn money. The Site is designed to meet the desires of all types of people, from serious business people who want to improve their existing business and bring additional income, to the less ambitious  who want to earn money from home while having  fun.  Unlike other web sites Svior provides the necessary support and training to all its members, so they can become successfull at what they do:

*Alexa is the leading provider of free, global web metrics.  Alexa has a Search tool, Analytics and Pro tools for various analyses, camparisons and optimization.

1. Online Earnings

Member registers and buys Ad for at least $25 through system called Automatic, which he/she will use later to get experience as Advertiser. Svior donates funds for Member (Advertiser) and upgrades him/her. Funds and upgrade are Free and can’t be bought solely for earning purposes; they are only available to Advertisers!
Member activates Automatic with given Svior funds and whether he/she decides to work or not; as advertiser- a member will start getting monthly payouts in the next 10 months. Once Member is paid $3.000 in total with all partial payouts over the months, account will go back to zero position and payouts will stop.
This sum is build out of 35% profits from all company services (not just Automatic but also Local, Directory, SEO packages, advertising packages, etc.). This way instead of investing this money in marketing and giving it away to big companies, Svior is rewarding its Advertisers/members. This is one of the main reasons why Svior is using network and not regular advertising in Media.
Member can also participate in referring other Members and make a living by building the network. Working on Manager Starter position at first, member can understand the basics and company hierarchy that can help the member advance within the company. Member should hear these basics from Manager and look up details for every activity at the Svior website. Member that chooses to work as Manager Starter can decide under which Manager he/she will be placed and who will guide them through Svior site and help them earn fast.

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Mariana Miletsova is very nice person. she has good knowledge about SEO.
 - suhassajgure February 4th, 2014

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