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online advertising platform
Sep 21 2015 07:24

Online Media Gold is an online advertising platform that enables affiliates to make money by performing over 20 different tasks relating to Social Media and Online Advertising Income streamsThere are 3 different ways you can make extra money on Online Media Gold:
View ads and get to know new products and services

When doing your daily tasks, you will have the unique opportunity to meet new products, services and brands that want to come into your home to improve your daily life. For every ad you click, you make extra money.
Engage with brands and companies

Several companies wish to interact with you through Online Media Gold. They want to get to know you better, so they can improve their products to better suit your needs. So, we offer them the chance to ask for your likes, shares and comments, so they can engage with you and if you do so, you make extra money within your Online Media Gold account.
Spread the word

Online Media Gold is an online community. By promoting our compensation plan and spreading the word, you also make extra money. Everyone that signs up through you becomes a part of your individual network within Online Media Gold and this is what we call network marketing.

This aspect of OMG is not mandatory, so if you dont want to build a network, you dont have to. However, if you do choose to spread the word and build a team on OMG, you will be able to make extra money for every member in your network! This can take your gains through the roof, so its definitely something to think about