Daniel is a trusted social networking friend. He is a very active member at APSense. He is a very serious and reliable person and marketer.
 - avalonuniversity April 1st, 2013

Daniel Ionel is a very active member over here at APSense and always willing to help and share ideas with others. Waqar Ahmad
 - abbasfarooq February 8th, 2013

Daniel is a trusted social networking friend who I have known for about 2 years. He is experienced and knowledgeable in Internet Marketing.
 - sueblimely January 22nd, 2013

Daniel has vast ideas & resources about developing a Business
 - jones12c November 21st, 2012

I met Daniel through ISMmagic, another Social Networking Site for Internet Marketers many months ago. I can only say that I am impressed with the honesty and integrity displayed by Daniel. He is a good friend and colleague and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending anyone to do business with him. Warm wishes from Spain :) Ed
 - edublount November 2nd, 2012

I have known Daniel for a year now and have had very good dealings with him! I trust him and i know that you can too! ;-)
 - trafficexchangeguru August 19th, 2012

I met Daniel on the best business platform, IBOtoolbox. I am glad I have met him here, too. He is a very serious and reliable person and marketer.
 - otiliateacher August 7th, 2012

It is a great pleasure to talk and work with Daniel at our many programs being members together. A very honest person and a great marketer. Working always with passion, Daniel is for sure a man worth trusting!
 - justthism August 4th, 2012

Daniel is a very active member on APSense. He can help peoples to make money online with many trusted resouces. Please visit the Daniel personal page and you can find many good business opportunities. Thanks!!!
 - president July 21st, 2012

This recommendation is not about the Resource, but about Daniel himself. Although I have not known Daniel for a very long time, I believe he's a serious marketer, the main reason being we both believe writing recommendations at APSense should be taken seriously, not just as an exercise to get some attention. I look forward to get to know Daniel better.
 - phmoisan May 18th, 2012

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